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Mar 20, 2004
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Byfield, England
Does anyone know whether you can get parts for the GIVI boxe's, I have lost a reflector off the back, and one of the bits that stop the lid from opening too far (oh so technical).

Givi website doesn't mention it and none of my local bike shops i have spoken to know.
I'm also wondering if anyone has a copy of the fitting instructions for the 52lt maxia topbox to an 1150.
I mangaed to bag a 2nd hand one but I'm now scratching my head.
(sorry for the hijack)

Steve B
Spare Parts

When the importers were in Christchurch I went to them a couple of times for spares.

So I'm presuming now that they are Rugby way (last time I asked) they will probably provide the same service.
givi parts

any hein gericke will be able to help with parts from givi. If you get stuck give me a call at the manchester branch.

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