Givi Wingrack


I have a Givi Wingrack from an FJ1200 can I modify it to fit an GS1100 or does the exhaust get in the way?
Topcase System (1 case) E 189*

Topcase Monorack System (1 case) n/a

Panniers + Topcase System (2 or 3 cases) PL 189

Panniers + Topcase Wingrack System (2 or 3 cases) n/a

Spare Screens D 231S

the givi site at list the above items for a 1100GS

looks like they have not bothered to produce a Wingrack fitting kit - the extra weight would not be good for the GS subframe anyway, as it is only just man enough for panniers

you can buy the PL189 fitting kit to use your Givi panniers

MandP list an SW-motech fitting kit for Givi boxes - £120
Rumour has it that "Thunderbird 3" ( Stu Woods) down in the South East has a Give wingrack fitted (hence "Thunderbird 3) and swears by it.


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