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Anyone know of a good BMW dealer in the locality of Coventry? Not Clarks please!!

Go to Wollaston BMW in Northampton. Easy to get to from Coventry. Follow the A45 ring road round (from jcts 16 or 15A of the M1) to the eastern side of town where it links with the A14 (or alternatively just get off the M1 at Jct 15). Turn off towards Northampton town centre at the Bedford A428 roundabout. At the first set of lights filter right. The showroom is right on the corner of the Bedford Road.

It's the best BMW bike dealer in the area by far.
Telephone 01604 232000 and speak to Matthew Corey.
Yup.I'll second that.

Wollastons was recommended to me by a good mate..I've since had 2 bikes off them. They've always been really courteous and helpful,despite the fact that I always look like a down and out!!

Very helpful when I wrote a GS off last year ..always enough time to answer technical questions, and they LISTEN too!!

Coffee shop does a mean cuppa( sometimes gratis!)

They are by no means my closest dealer,but I choose to drive a round trip of 90 miles, to be treated with a bit of respect,and not simply ignored cos I haven't turned up in an expensive 4x4!!

Can be quite busy though,so I always give em a ring first...

I'll definately give them ago in the future. Only about 35 minutes away which is good! Probably no further than Clarks but at least I might get some respect!!!!!

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