Good service from Motorrad Concepts


Like many I've been looking for a hugger for my 12GS. I thought I'd found one via Motorrad Conepts and duly placed an order.

Having been told that it would be a good 2-3 weeks I sat back and waited. Just prior to the 3 week point I gave Motorrad a ring to enquire on progress. I was told that a batch was due in that day and that I'd be receiving mine soonest to which I was a little sceptical but resigned having waited that long.

A few days later a letter comes through from Motorrad stating that the components that had arrived had not been to the required standard and asking me if I would like to persevere or claim a refund.

After some thought (And finding an alternative item) I asked for my refund which was duly sent to me a few days later.

Good service Motorrad. This particular sale may not have gone according to plan but I shall certainly consider using them in the future on the strength of their service on this occasion.

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