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I have been ruminating about boots for the last few months! Reduced the shortlist to Altberg Bandog @£130 or the Daytona Trans Open GTX for £240. What would you do? Ordered the Altberg boots in November. Shortly received a reply nominating delivery at the end of March! Now proud owner of Daytona boots. Absolutely magic.
Finger trouble

OK I'm a forum virgin(almost), pressed the wrong button, started a new thread rather than reply to the comfy boots saga!

On recieve for abuse.

Ooooooooh! Daytonas

Where on earth can I get these Golden Boots.
Can't seem to find a local supplier who sells the Travelstar GTX or Roadstar GTX.
Anyone help (and how much can I expect to pay)?

Steve B
Daytona boots

Got mine from Alex Buckingham in Barnstaple.
01271 329442

The importer is Tony's of Prestatyn
01745 369519

I don't think the importer will deal direct but he will be able to point you at your nearest supplier. Good Luck


You could have done worse than speak to someone from RMB Chivenor to source some Goretex Pro Boots. Excellent general purpose boot - available retail too at cost or 100 quid or so. I always wear them. Thinsulate lined, totally waterproof (except for down the side of your leg of course) and really comfortable. Rarely wear anything else (on my feet). Even wore them out in the gulf as the desert boots didn't deal with getting covered in oil too well. Can't fault them. If only all UK military kit was as good as these.

If you search the threads on Daytona boots you should come up with this thread Here

This has info on suppliers of Daytona boots. Also it has a Germany site which is approx 25% cheaper than the UK.

I bought some in the UK and they are very comfy but a bit bigger in the toe than my previous SIDI's which takes a bit of getting used to.

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