Got a new GS


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Aug 14, 2003
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Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....
For the price of the ignition cable I now have what feels like a new bike. Took me 6000KM to figure out why the bike has not felt right since changing the fuel filter.
57Euros and 30 minutes and its back to being bloody brilliant again rather than not quite as good as it used to be... YIPEE....
I had another thread going on it titled fuel filter saga. Basically in the last 6000 KM the bike cut out 4 times twice whilst riding and twice whilst starting. Took a while to trace it to the cable coming from the ignition key to under the tank. The wires seemed to be O.K. but the actual switch was not. Changed the whole thing and the bike felt great again. Removing surging to a almost nothing state and making the bike feel as smooth as it used to.
it`s a fairly common problem in that when steering the ignition barrel moves but where the wires are cable tied they dont move. The wires can break inside the cover. They get the most stress where the wires exit the ignition. I read about this before getting my GS so I taped up this area fairly tightly to reinforce it - 36000 miles no problems with it.


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