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What a waste.
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Oct 12, 2003
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received an email from Yahoo saying to activate my new account i've applied for click here etc etc --

thing is i haven't, wouldn't know how to even if i had. Is this a normal occurance, i'm a complete computer numpty in the 1st degree, i can't stress that enough -- is someone trying to set themselves up as me ?
Are you with BT? They made me move to some BT Yahoo! (always the !) for no reason that I could make out.
If it's an e-mail with an attachment, virus scan it before you open it!

I had one apparently from my ISP but it was NOT from them and contained the latest worm virus.
Unlikely.....when you register for one of several Yahoo things, they will use email confirmation to send you the passwords or log in info.......if someone wanted to set themselves up as you they wouldn't want to be using your real email addy unless they have access to it.

Have you signed up for any games sites or groups recently???

It's more likely that it's someone (quite possibly here ) on a bit of a wind-up......the access you'll get will probably be to a yahoo group for dirty old men, or the yahoo Honda c90 club or something.

I wouldn't be too worried about it.....but do amke sure you're running a firewall (zonealarm etc) and have your AV software up to date...and run Adaware to make sure you don't have any trojans in your system just in case.

Fanum said:

It's more likely that it's someone (quite possibly here ) on a bit of a wind-up......

Your E-mail address isn't accessable to people who veiw this site, if someones signed you up for a bogus account then they have to know your address.

It sounds like an automatically generated mail that could contain a virus or someone who knows your e-mail f*cking about.

Ignore it.
And have you ticked the 'hide email' box in user cp - options?
Need to be careful as to who the email is actually from. Because it says (and looks like) it comes from Yahoo it isn't necessarily the case.
I had something similair from "ebay" some time ago... asking me to verify account info. The thing is, I never had an ebay account, have never used ebay or had anything to do with them.. so I knew it couldn't be from them...

If you click to activate as they ask, what info does it ask from you? Be careful.
Before you get completely paranoid, check out Heston’s reply.

BT are off loading their ISP stuff onto Yahoo!

If you were with BT open world or some such, that’ll be the most likely explanation.
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