Got the tent what cooker


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Sep 18, 2002
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dont panic dont panic
so what camping stove to go for

Im fed up with using hexy blocks and cleaning
my mess tin of in the grass?:D :D :D
If you know what I mean:D
so what camping stove to go for

Im fed up with using hexy blocks and cleaning
my mess tin of in the grass?:D :D :D
If you know what I mean:D

Yep, I know what you mean....;)

I've been pondering this same question, not come to any conclusion other than I'll want a petrol stove, to avoid having to carry two types of fuel.....

camping gaz

Camping gaz 270 Twister,
Burner supports fold flat available with or without igniter,
very small and compact, comes with two billy cans which fold into each other and correct size to carry the gas cartridge inside the cans, the cartridge is self sealing so you can twist off and carry the burner seperatly,
Highly recomended, available from millitts £ 19.99
Regards Gary:beer:
Got the Tent. What Cooker

Anything from the Trangia range.

Maybe a bit bulky but it all fits together - base/windshield/2 pots/frying pan/kettle/handle/meths burner. All fits into a box approx. 9"x9"x6".
If you dont want to go the meths way (makes the base of the pots/frypan/kettle go black with soot), get the gas conversion. It's a bit pricey, but worth it
Everything's aluminium so is light but very durable.

I've been using one for 10 years now and it's still like new.


Optimus from Sweden.

Do a search and then check out the 8R petrol stove.

It's the smallest and toughest petrol stove in the world. I've owned one since the late 60's and only had to buy another about 18 years ago when I dmaaged the original by riding the bike over it.

i have used all of them in a previous job as Outdoor Instructor but they all have pros and cons.
Trangia.... foolproof but big and bulky, very slow to cook and only fuel is meths.
Gas....ok but left with empty cannisters to transport and not all avaiable in some world travel is a no no for them.

MSR range...burn anything as long as its a liquid fuel and will also burn av gas, petrol ( all types) paraffin etc. Very fast boliers and also at altitude. Good simmer control on the Whisperlite model but the slightly cheaper Dragon does not have a simmer control.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

What stove

Colemans dual fuel. Works with petrol- excellent. used mine for ages till i threw a wobbler in Germany and booted it into a nearby woods. Now have to use it with a frame i constructed to put my pans on as it is a bit bent:D
MSR Firefly

Terry, I have an MSR Firefly, multi fuel, I use with petrol cos' you will always have some petrol with you and at higher elevations butane will not work, petrol will always work and its much more efficient.

If you want to try it your'e welcome.

Terry you worry about putting the tent up leave the cooking to the other half
sh--t did i mention taking the wife sorry mate
hope you find what you are looking for
jon b
Jon B
That would be nice but she dont do the camping
thing as there may not be any

currant bushes near by to plug in her hair dryer:D :D :D :D :D
Definately Coleman Dual fuel........dont have to wait all day for that early morning cuppa like you do with a trangia (and you dont have to carry meths)......mine's been totally reliable though a mate had problems with the feed/preheat tube clogging on his....easily solved with a length of wire.

Bear in mind the Chunnel if you ever plan to use it..........they're shit hot on gas canisters and stuff there now and the Coleman would get round that poterntial problem too.
Coleman dual fuel featherlite 422 is the way forward I reckon.
Had to buy it off the net though.Had one in the army,and it was a bit smaller than the other coleman jobbie.Go for the one with the 3 folding out feet.

'Dual fuel' is a bit misleading...if the fuel smells volatile then it'll work.But with unleaded in it it'll boil water in a few I stick with that

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