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Does anyone know where I might have seen this mount for a GPS V? The one I was interested in replaced the brake fluid cover with a ball type mount for a Garmin GPS V. I think it was on a US site but not 100% sure and didn't bookmark it (DOH!) Anyone got one or seen one?



let me no which way your gonna go with your gps, i to are looking to buy one of these units but are unsure which one to go for, the BMW one seems to be the DOGS bol------ks but is very expensive to.


I used to be indecisive....but now I'm not so sure!!! I don't know what to do! Due to take the BMW Navigator back to Rainbow on Thursday and will ask if I can borrow the GPS V and see if that helps. If you fancy a run out this week, we could have a play maybe before it goes back?

I've just opted for the Garmin 176 unit. I used to have the GPSIII+ and found the memory size too small.

I’m not too fussed about the routing facility of the GPS V & Street Pilots etc, I just need a unit that had the ability to hold large amounts of map data.

I’ve just uploaded the whole of France, Switzerland and enough of the UK to get me to Portsmouth on one 64meg data cartridge …. all down to street level.

Unit cost £433, data cartridge £102, Touratech handlebar mount £50
Thanks Paul, will check that out. Did you enjoy Hawes? My hangover's just about gone!!
FAO Paul

Re the 176 Paul, am I correct in thinking that this is a marine unit, and thus the 'basemap' is of water not roads???
David... the 176 is a marine unit but, the base map is not water :D

Darren... Sure did… a cracking weekend.
Vern and I rode back to Shrewsbury using the goto feature on the GPS (follow the arrow) An excellent route.


i dont get my adventure for a couple of weeks, so thanks for the offer, keep us posted about which one you go for, im thinking down the lines of the BMW streetpilot III.


Will keep you posted. As for your Adventure.....put that brochure away!!!! :D 2 weeks eh? Bet you can't wait...I'm loving mine.

'Follow the arrow'? How does this differ from 'turn by turn' then? Or am I being slow?


I think the mount you are thinking of is a Ram mount

I have a Touratech Rallye mount for mine... what a piece of kit... love it more than the GPS V itself :D

As far as GPS units are concerned... I narrowed it down to the street pilot and GPS V, the pilot was just too big, the V just the right size, OK its greyscale not colour but that has proved to be better than fine!! The turn by turn auto routing function works incredibly well and I found this much more useful last week in the Pyrenees than the heading arrow on my old Magellen unit! told it to take us to the motorail terminal in Toulouse and it did just that.. no messing, other groups of bikers had spent a couple of hours lost in the city...

My only gripe with the unit is memory, it has 19 meg, which was enough to take detailed maps of the whole of the French Pyrenees, Toulouse, Lyon and most of the south coast of France (this is a hell of a lot more thanthe old units, and when I say detailed we're talkin postcodes, addresses, and even restaurants (U want French, chinese, indian or burgers sir? No kiddin you tell it it takes you!) It would have been nice if Garmin had had the foresight to equip the unit with removable data storage, instead, if I decide to embark on a serious mission I'm gonna have to take my laptop with me to upload fresh maps.

The unit does contain a basemap of the whole of Europe though which has all major roads (down to 'A' roads and even some 'b') so as long as you only need detail on a couple of cities you'll be fine

Apart from that gripe I wouldn't swap it for the world.... until of course Garmin come out with the same unit with removable data storage! And even then it'd have to be the same shape and size 'cos I ain't giviv up me Touratech mount!!! she's sooooooo sexy!

Hope this little rant helps

Paul G
Do you still have the III+ and if so is it up for grabs? £???.
My e-trex summit is ok but I am after something better.

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