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Jul 25, 2004
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Harlow, Essex (originally Cardiff)
Hi all,

I have been searching but would like a couple of answers that I can't seem to find.

1. Reading the manual I found the WAAS option uses groupd readings and makes it more accurate.... does this work better than normal GPS mode?

2. My Quest seems to switch itself off between 20 and 40 minutes of use. I thought it was an "auto off" feature but I have switched this off. I remember somebody saying that their Quest did this for some time then gave up the ghost....

3. What is the difference between Waypoints and Vias? I just seem to use Waypoints and have not used Vias yet? It is better to use Vias rather than waypoints?

4. Will the RAM Quest mount ever get to teh UK?!!?!?!?!? :D

Other that the above, I love it...travelling around London (all I use it for really, isn't scary anymore!

Any advice would be much appreciated
In answer to your first question, do a search on some of PanEuropean's answers in the GPS forum - he seems extremely knowledgeable and explains that WAAS is best left inactivated on your unit at the current time.
No. 3

A waypoint is optional and a via is not.
4. Will the RAM Quest mount ever get to the UK ?

YES .. YES .. YES.. Everyone is waiting for this 'new' cradle.

The latest I hear is that some pcs of RAM-HOL-GA15 will ship this month, though I expect they will be limited in number and arriving in the December shipment which should fly out just before Xmas with BA (not a reindeer).

Those with 'back orders' on GPS Warehouse shall get them first. Any overs then get your orders in.

Quest cradles should readily available by end of Jan 05.

A story that will soon have a happy ending ...

Cheers !

Thanks but...

Thanks guys,

Just read about Pans WAAS update...increadible...I hope he can type fast otherwise his family just won't ever see him...

RAM MAN: Mine is on order with the GPS warehouse...Can you just buy them in the US? IF so where in Knoxville TN?? A friend is coming over on Friday and could be persuaded to get one. I'll PM you...

John, thanks for the difference, the waypoint is better for me

Any others for Question 2?

Re: Thanks but...

Gilson said:

Any others for Question 2?

Sounds like it's fcuked :D

Mine doesn't, anyway. Thought I had a problem when it died after 2 hours on batteries, but then discovered that I was on 100% screen brightness, so don't be misled by the 20 hour battery life claim.

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