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Feb 21, 2002
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First time expierenced this with my GPS V. Had a whole weekend in France without any hickups until I reached Dieppe yesterday. Looked down and the GPS switched itself off :confused:

Switched it on and few minutes later it was dead again. From Newhaven back to London last night it did it another 3 times and I thought maybe it is a bad connection as it is wired through the accesory plug. Fiddled with the plug and pulled the lead but it stayed on so don't really know where from here? Anybody else had problems with the Garmin GPS V going to sleep without warning?


You're not the only one - mine does it and I put this down to power being interrupted by the batteries vibrating as mentioned on an earlier thread.

Not sure if this happens when using a power lead as I don't have one yet.

I'm sure someone more knowledgable will come along and explain why and hopefully provide a solution. :)

If you run your GPS from a live feed off the bike take the batteries out...... makes the unit lighter and vibrates less
Check your wires

Mine did something similar a couple of weeks ago, one of the wires entering the plastic connector plug (the black one) had actually broke, possibly through vibration, so inspect all of your wires very closely.
I always ride with the batteries removed running the power from the bike. Will check the wiring tonight and see what's going on!

Thanks for the replies!

Funnily enough I had this problem with my Garmin V...

Though not with your frequency it happened on two seperate occasions, once coming back from my one and only trip to Battleaxes and I was just coming into the City Road roundabout, the other occasions when I was coming over to your place!!! Both times at the Bow Flyover..... weird :confused:

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