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Steve H

I know this has been sort of asked before,but is there anyone who could give me some fresh advise.

I've got a Garmin etrex Legend and am fitting it to my GS,i'm using the cigarette lighter adapter.I understand that you remove the lighter bit,do I need to then solder in 2 new wires to extend it from the transformer?

But doing this will lose the fuse,should I fit a new in line fuse?

Also where is the best place to site the +/- wires?

Hope this makes sense any advise would be appreciated...

Steve:) :) :)
Hi Steve: I wired mine straight in to the back of the power socket with some crimp things and followed the mass of other wires with cable ties to the handlebars - Works excellent for me. I did use the Garmin hardwire lead though, keeping the cigarette lead for if I ever use it in the car and the hardwire lead does have an in-line fuse so I guess it would be prudent to put one in.

Cheers, Darren
Hi Darren , Many thanks for the reply. It sounds like your GPS can run straight off the bikes power supply, unfortunately my Garmin is only 3 volts and needs an inline adapter to reduce the volts. I believe the power socket is always live and this would mean the transformer (complete with power on LED) would always be on even when the bikes not in use.
So I've decided to come straight off the battery with a small switch and fuse under the seat.(unless anyone has got a better idea
:) :) :) )

Thanks again Darren :beer: :beerjug:
Why not try an ignition switched circuit and go in there? Ok you loose the oportunuty to have the bikes battery etc to power it when the ignition is off, but there's always the internal batteries for that?

I don't know which leads to scotchblock into but there must be a wiring diagramatic somewhere on these forums?
I use the ciggy lighter adapter to plug into the accesory socket and run the cable up under the seat. then plug the transformer into it. Find a nice cubby hole under the seat for it. I wrapped my transformer in a bubble wrap type jiffy bag. Then the lead from the transformer runs under the tank to the handlebars.
Mine's an e-trex vista by the way.
Power sockets

Don't know which GS you have but my 2002 1150 GS power socket is always live. Usefull for when charging the bike, and hardly any other time.

BMW do an adaptor loom for a second power socket (fits 1100R and 1150 GS), which plugs into the original, and if you wanted a permanently live but bike fused circuit without attacking the basic bikes wiring then you could attack the cheap loom?

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