Just received my shiny oil grill cover...................Now whats the best way to fit it ? Have looked at variuos links,but still abit confused - loosen beak/do not loosen beak etc etc.
Just looking for nice easy instruction or pictures or even both !
Thanks for any advice you can give.
I can't coment on any other tyrpes, but fitting the Migsel grill is everso easy (plus he includes the instructions anyway).
I had heard people saying thet they didn't want to go to the hassle of loosening/removing the beak but having fitted the grill & lightbar in around 30-mins I can't see the problem.

The beak is lossened by undoing the indicaters (don't bother to remove them completely) and letting them hang loose. Undo the four Torx headed screws from behind the dash area and the beak comes free. Undo the two oil-cooler fixing bolts and fit the grill (remove sharp edges first). Reassembly is just a case of refitting the beak in the reverse order or if you are fitting his lightbar at the same time use the longer bolts (supplied) to the oil-cooler mounting.

Hi Steve,
Believe Bryn has PM'd you with info.
As soon as i get my Brothers new 1150 over to my place i will take photo's & include fitting instructions.
Sorry Brian.
Fitted it today,easier than I thought it would be.No need to touch beak just removed bits as advised only took about 35 minutes.
Thanks Bryan

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