Grizzly Discs?

Marty Gutenfart

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Jan 5, 2003
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East Sussex
Not too many years ago one could buy these resin bonded abrasive discs to attach to drills. They were semi rigid, about 2mm thick but had no backing disc, so were abrasive on both sides. Damned useful and could also be used for cutting plastics and even thin metal. Can't seem to get them anymore. Do they have another name or have they been banned by the Health and Safty Police?

Ideas anyone?
I have some in a Clark multi tool kit ( kind of a Dremel ),so they`re not banned. I`ve seen the discs for sale at autojumbles and classic shows on the type of stall to sell alloy polish and abrasive blocks,etc.
Have you got a Screwfix Direct catalogue? They may sell them.

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