GS Adventurer PARTS retrofited on the R1100/1150 models

simon thomas
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Jan 8, 2002
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There seem to be lots of nice bits and pieces on the new Adventurer ranging from the screen to the gear box, down to a sleeker rear end.

I ride a 99 1100GS and was wondering whether anyone knew whether a few chosen parts of the Adv could be retrofitted to older models.

Dealers seem to be completely in the dark at present.
I am particulary interested in..Engine gaurd, rear sub frame and grab rail, seat. And really any other advice you guys (and girls) can offer.

Lisa and I are off on our world trip May 2003 all advice is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Simon T:beerjug:
I would reckon Touratech/HPN parts would be more up to the mark - re Single seat . rack/subframe.
Wouldn't bother with retro-fitting Adventurer parts - more 'show than go' and bet the cost is prohibitive.
After all the Adventurer is BMW's copy of what HPN/Touratech have been doing for years.
Where did BMW go for a Rally bike - HPN/Schalber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adventure bits

Hi Simon ...

well for starters i wouldn't bother with the Adventure screen, as although it looks as if it should do the biz ... it doesn't ...

I'm actually looking to fit an after market one designed for the 1150 ....

John and Mike Jewell (who have got the 1150 and Adventure each) have swapped the screens between the 2 bikes .. as the after market one's better and it utilises the adjustment mechanism .. John said, the price is likely to be prohibitive anyway ...

Regards Charlie
BMW Adventure.

John Bellamy said:
I would reckon Touratech/HPN parts would be more up to the mark - re Single seat . rack/subframe.
Wouldn't bother with retro-fitting Adventurer parts - more 'show than go' and bet the cost is prohibitive.
After all the Adventurer is BMW's copy of what HPN/Touratech have been doing for years.
Where did BMW go for a Rally bike - HPN/Schalber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/More show than go
Rather a sweeping (and factually incorrect) statement. The braided brakes are an acknowledged improvement and the 30 litre tank is convenient. Whether the seat is an advantage will have to await my trip to the Motorrad Bikermeet in Garmisch to assess and I agree that the screen is less than perfect but I am otherwise very pleased indeed with my Adventure. The engine protection bars have already proved their worth.

Peter Mellor.
Bet you can get braided hoses for less than £500 - the difference between standard 1150 and Adventurer base cost and what are the other differences - a single seat and rack and a screen that's no better than the stock 1150GS screen.I'd sooner have my 1150 dual seat and the 30 litre tank is £200 - 300 extra anyway - bet nobody can sit on that seat for 300 miles to use up the 6 litres in one go.It's 'horses for courses' but i'm perfectly happy with the 1150GS and I'd rather spend the money on accessories of known 'quantity and quality' ie Ohlins,Corbin,Sebring and Touratech/Wunderlich and swap them from bike to bike for max usage - but then I'm just a 'tight Yorkshire git'.
Thanks for the replies so far.

One feature that is mentioned by BMW about the new Adv is the fuel chip regualtor (at least i think tht's what it is called) the chip can be swapped to ensure that low grade fuel doesnt F"%**k up your bike.

Is this fuel chip only available for the Adv or is it in fact available for the 1100/1150???

Look forward to your response.
Simon T:beerjug:
Simon, I have a 98 1100 and it's been Tourateched to within an inch of it's life, with the addition of Wunderlich lowered pillion pegs, it's pretty much the perfect touring bike as far as I'm concerned.

There are two things that stand out on the Adventure model as I see it.

1. the 1st gear ratio is meant for steeper hills but I can tell you the 1100 can scale some very impressive tracks as it is, but two up it can and will struggle, when running at it's GVM, which I do when two up.

2. The ground clearance is greater and therefore the problem of sliding over rocks when river crossing is less. The same problem when traversing rather wild tracks occurs, but a centre stand bash plate eliminates both problems, to a point that is!

I don't see braided brake lines as a good reason to purchase a new bike, it's cheaper to add them yourself. Also your clutch is operated by a cable and thereby one less thing to leak or rupture.

I personally think if you have an 1100GS pretty much ready for a long trip then it's a better bet than the 1150 or Adventure that you really don't know that well.

The fuel thing is a big plus but it's ramifications as far as fuel range are not known.

The big tank isn't big enough but at least it has a crossover tube.

In essence I think that the 1100GS is really a modern R90/6 in that with a few modifications it is a world class travelling machine, either two up or solo. The Adventure model is the same but it's a version from the factory already on steriods and a bit larger to boot.

I would also offer a suggestion that I haven't seen mentioned on this site before. The addition of a diff breather (reduction axle actually). Our club has a member that manufacturers a breather that covers the breather hole completely, is retained with the use of a 3mm Allan Keyed grub screw, has an "O" ring seal to eliminate leaks either way and enough 5mm outside diameter clear plastic tubing that enables one to run the hose up to the top of the rear suspension breather box area. This hose is held in place by plastic tie downs and the whole shebang takes about 10 minutes to affix. If you're goinbg on a world tour I would recommend this addition as a first modification.

I have tried to get my local dealer Pidcocks to order the Adventure screw on beak cover, but they say they are not available yet. This is the only bit I want from the adventure cos my old bike suffered a lot of chips to the beak from to many motorway miles. If anyone hears about them becoming available please drop me a line.
Hawes weekend


Howabout getting yourself down to the Hawes weekend with a screwdriver, there will be a couple there surely!!

(or has that event been and gone?????)

As ever, tongue in cheek.

Big Gordy
Breather? Whot?

Hi Mick: Interesting piece of information, mate. Seems that you should not leave home withouth a "breather". But, what's that?
What's tha for? And why is good to have it? Sorry, but you got me intrigued. Cheers, Yosi
Yosi, The reduction axle has a breather on the top at the rear. It is made if black plastic and can be easily pulled off so you can look at the innards of the housing.

When going through water the housing is hot and the air inside is also hot. As the housing cools down very quickly so does the air, only the air cools down so quickly it creates a small vacuum and as air cannot come in if the housing is under water it sucks in water.

Oil and water don't mix and the gears that are meshing will be damaged eventually by this mixture. To stop this happening, we put another top on the breather with an extension air hose that goes up under the seat as I described earlier.

So, does that make sense?


According to our Dutch GS specialist Bert Duursma the
fuel chip regualtor is only availeble for the Adventure
and can't be used on a "normal" 1150... :mad:

thanks for the info on the breather adaptor. Have you got any pictures of the Mod and details of a supplier.

Lisa and I are off next year on a RWT (3-4 years) we're bound to come across some deep water on the way and your mod sounds like a wise move. I ride an R1100GS and Lisa's on an F650 GS

Many thanks
Simon T:beerjug:
Simon, The breather kit is made by a retired member of our club. I'll try and get a picture by a friend who has a digital camera and post it on the board.

Cost is around the $40 (Australian) mark I think. I'll find out more details and let you know. That works out at about 13 pounds Sterling.

If required we'll see about getting one to you somehow.

They also keep out extremely fine dust that I know gets in via the 259 series diff breathers. The older bikes didn't let dust in, in appreciable amounts, compared to these bikes.

The whole kit and caboodle will fit into an A6 padded post bag to give you an Idea of the size.

Simon, I've gotten someone to digitally photograph the diff breather on my bike. Hopefully I've been able to attach it.

Look carefully by zooming in (if possible) on the R/H side is the 5mm external dia breather hose going up to the battery area, opposite that (zooming in is required here), you will just be able to see the 3mm Allan Keyed grub screw which holds it in place.

It's fairly simple as most good things are. If you wish to have one then I'm sure somehow I'll be able to arrange it for you.

To see what it attaches to, just grab the black plastic breather on your own housing and pull it off. It comes straight off so don't worry.

This kind of thing is standard on most 4WD's that go anywhere worthwhile in this country. I'd be interested to hear what the comments are, from people around the world on this one.



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Diff breather


As an interesting aside, diff breathers with extended breather hoses are regularly used on 4x4 off roaders.

It is standard practice to use them rather than just plugging up the diff breather (Saves fitting and removing the plug every time!)

Cheers All
Mick Fagan

Sorry for the delay in getting back to your post. Thanks for the info and the photo. It seems to me that this mod could be bloody useful.

can you let me know how much one is and when you could get me one made up. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again
Simon T:beerjug:
Tel: (UK) 01984 624823
Simon, It's Monday night here now & I'm going to a Club meeting.

I'll try and find the guy who makes them and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Re: Screens

Does anyone know if the new Wunderlich screen being advertised by folks such as SPC (ie taller, wider, yours for £110) is the same as the one on the Adventurer ?

They look similar in pictures. Cheers.

Alex B

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