GS Depression

Ian Whinnett

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Mar 27, 2003
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Mid Wales
My getting on a bit 1100 50,000 miles GS has a couple of potentially serious errors.

No 1 For the past month there has been a steadily worsening oil leak around the left hand centre stand pivot. This has now increased into a drip ans tiny puddle after a weekend parked in the Garage. There is no evidence of a oil flow from above only at this point. Suspicion so far is that the two halves of the engine casing are weeping.

I did remove the centrestand today clean the bolt and casing, refitt with new o-rings. While I was at it I managed to get a 1/8th of a turn on the casing allen bolts. This may have been enough as the bolts were not really tight. Heres hoping as I really don't want to be stripping the engine down.

No 2 There is a distinct imbalance in the running of the cylinders. This I discovered by accident and cannot check the figures as some bastard has stolen my nice new carb balancers. Is the bike is idling and I tug the left throttle cable at the throttle body then the bike missfires, OK this is normal and I would expect that. If I tug the right hand cable then the engine runs rough but noes not have the same effect on the running of the engine. The engine tries to die and sounds as though the air filter pipe has suddenly been removed. Am a bit worried as I feel there is a compression difference as I have no other explanation.

Any one have any similar happenings that they might care to share. Or if any one feels inclined to start tugging their throttle cables and let me know if the effect is the same both sides. If you do then make sure that you re-seat then correctly or it will cause no end or grief.

Ta Ian

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