GS Engine Protector Bar


Hi GSer's

Anyone got info' about Enginer protector bars - I thought about the
BMW's - it cost £165..

I thought about Touratech or Hepco & Becker's Wunderlich or Jama or

You can see web pages on engine protector;

So anyone can advise on theses and how strong & effective.

I,m a newbie to R1150GS (and a proud owner) after a long string of
Jap megablaster Bikes.


Paul - R1150GS:)
Re Crash Bars.

They are all the same, Touratech are black and BMW are silver/ish.
They all do the same job and attach to the same strong-points as there are not many options for attachment.

As for do they do a good job.....dunno, I've dropped mine once and did'nt do much damage, and that was onto the rocker covers without the bars, so mostly decorative but you feel better with them.


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I have recently fitted the Hepco & Becker engine protection bars on my 1150GS. They cost about £115 for the chrome versions from Moto-Bins (black ones are a little cheaper).

The fit is very good, they are very close to the bottom of the tank on the left hand side but do not actually touch. There is no need to take them off for servicing and they only make the bike about 60 mm wider (from memory)
each side.

I haven't dropped the bike to test for strength but they seem strong enough.

Bob Jeffries

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Although the BMW, Touratech and H&B crashbars serve the same purpose, I prefer the H&B because it's the only one which protects the entire cylinder when landing on either side...
An extra advantage is that it offers some a extra "strongholds" when tying the bike on ferries.
(or when towing it out of some cold stream, which happened to me on Iceland)

Possible purchase of crashbars from the new GS Adventurer

I agree the Hepco & Becker look and act well, from what I've heard, but I was wondering whether BMW will also be selling the new Protection bars that are seen on the new GS Adventurer. They can be seen on all the press releases piccy's.

From what I can see they also suround the cylinder, they also look pretty cool?

Simon Thomas
I have a set of H&Bs for my 1100 (unfiited as yet, 2 attempts) and frankly they have just about put me off H&B for good. Instructions in German and vague at that. Diagrams that look to have been drawn by a child and to cap it off all my spacers are the wrong size. If it wasn't for the help of the folks at MotoBins I would really be pulling my hair out.
By the way does anyone else find refitting the tank a really strain.
I have the orginal "plastic" tank and getting that bolt back in is murder.


The BMW bars (probably the others as well) restrict ground clearance, although only at extreme angles of lean.


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