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Feb 23, 2002
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I've just traded my 1100GS for an 1150 with Evo brakes. I can find info on Evo brakes on most BMWs but most sites state that it is different on the GS. Are the brakes linked? Are the hoses steel covered in rubber as I believe they are on the Adventurer. I will be very interested if anyone out there knows!

Mike R
Saw an Adventurer today next to a 2002 normal GS and the Adventurer Hoses are braided , whereas the normal bikes are stock rubber ones.From memory the Evo brakes on the 2002 GS ARE NOT linked (for obvious reasons on the dirt) and the bike doesn't have servo assistance (again for obvious reasons) as on the road going bikes.The new 2002 GS has larger discs and bigger calipers I think to gain EVO status. Anybody correct me if i'm wrong.
When I ordered my 2002 1150 (not Adventure) from Rainbow (delivery due 15/4/2002) , Shaun told me the main difference between the old and new models was a move to larger disks and Japanese calipers but had not yet seen a bike with these fitted. Was it a standard 1150 model you saw with the larger disks or an Adventure?

Durham, UK
Great place to buy from, Rainbow.

At the bike show in Brum, the GS1150s on display did not have the EVO brakes but the Adventurer did. On the Ad. the brake lines were braided, and I hoped that my GS with Evo would also be. Not so, but I found a web site that indicated that the GS could have steel braided pipes under the rubber. I think not, but who knows. The BM reps at the NEC had not idea what the EVO brakes were on the ordinary GS. I even e mailed BMW GB but never got a reply.

All the liturature tells me that the EVO brakes are better than last years model. The usually quoted figure is 20%, but I still do not know how.

The calipers may be bigger but are still 4 piston. The discs look the same size as my old 1100. The pads look different, and I believe the compound is more metalic. One web site seemed to think that the brakes are linked but I doubt this as it goes against BMW's '0ff-road' philosopy.

So, still baffled.

Thanks for your reply.

Mike R

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