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Jan 30, 2001
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Got this far with my on/off roader project and now can't seem to be able to fine a suitable enduro style rear mud guard with light to fit it's wide arse..... any ideas where I may find one?

Cheers Mark........ had a E from Peter (the guy with the Red & White one) and he says an Accerbis will do the job.
Mick I don't know exactly but, from reading the other thread on the Advrider Site Peter recons about 7kg (15lbs) which all helps when burnig through the mud :)
Paul, seems a nice amount to lose and I'd bet that the eventual replacement guard and tail light setup will be about 2Kg so you're a winner.

However I think you'll churn in mud with those tyres, better fit some TKC80's, eh?

I recently (for a Christmas trip) fitted a home made timber rack/platform for putting on my Ortleib bag and tent on top of the bag. Made it out of exterior 5 ply timber and cost a total of $6.00 Australian or something like £1 in your, money. Works a treat and I'm now going to make another with the leftover timber for when I'm travelling solo and want to run the Ortleib bag lengthways, behind myself.


paul looks good..

why dont you try using a beak off an adv and see if it looks ok on the back..
im sure u could bodge up a way to fix it with some liquid metal n some screws..

personally id love to leave the end bare..

stick a light under the seat.. a led from boxerdesign..

and with big knobblies on it will look great..

Paul, here's a picure and a link to the White Power Forks conversion on the ADVrider site. Looks good!



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Legal requirements

Paul just a thought.

Any idea what the legal requirements are for an MOT, re the rear mudguard.

You might have seen from my bandit that with the extended swing arm the wheel sticks out proud of the bike.

Should hopefully end up looking something like this


if the back is left too short the back of my jacket will resemble something like a....... um.... muddy thing.
I'll keep you posted with the progress.
Losing Weight

Paul just a suggestion, you've prob already thought of it..

If its an off road more than on road you could lose one of the front disks and caliper it would save loads of Kg's and your never gonna use the power of twin disks on the rougth with enduro / MX spec tyres.

Hi Paul
Try I cannot see any mudguards on their site but they have them in the catalogue, renthal handle bars would shave of a couple ounces and be stronger..
A ha, found a mudguard, it's a Acerbis Baja... the same as Pep's :)

Rear Mudguard white BAJA $107.00

Useful when fitting enduro tyres to your BMW occasionally (enough wheel clearance)
Fitting is a bit tricky
Enhances the looks of your motorbike
Colours available: white and black


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