GS1100 Exhaust with Cat


After a quick bit of advice as getting a bit confused. I have a USA spec R110OGS which has a cat and Lambda probe fitted. Do I need a Y-piece like the 1150, or can I just fit a staight thru connecting tube and exhaust?

If it is y-piece, can I use same as 1150 fitted with cat, as there are always a few of these popping up for sale on the board, then all I need is to get a nice exhaust and I am away - if I ever get it started again! (See starting problems - bad back means I haven't been able to look at starter motor yet - also, which relay is the starter relay, as this will be next port of call)

Bad news, mate. The eleven has a one piece connecting pipe (y piece) and cat . The eleven fifty is splitted.
So the leven fifty won't fit the eleven. You need a dedicated Y piece for your bike. Rare to came about 2nd hand, unless you persevere or buy new.
Try Touratech (Bracken) or Motorworks.

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