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jon b

I`ve had a GS1200 on order since last year,but having just had a test ride back to back on a 1150 and a 1200 I`ve decided it`s the 1150 ADV I want.
I was just wondering if I could pick the brains of existing owners as to what extras to order with it,is there somethings i deff should have or some things best leaving off?
My thoughts at the moment are white alum,large tank,ABS, and heated grips.
Also,I`ve only managed a test ride on the standard 1150.does the ADV ride much differently?Does the big tank alter the ride much?
I`ll mainly be using it to tour around the UK to try green lanes in other far flung parts as well as my old favs in the peaks.I tried touring last year with my little 200cc 62mph max speed trials bike and a rucksack and tent on my back.By the time I`d got back from snowdonia (5hr each way)my soft nobblies had been worn bald and i had back ach for a week.I`am sure the GSA is just the machine for the job.

many thanks



Er, black is the best colour.......

do it, and enjoy for the summer months ! - Ive had mine a year and a half, 30,000 miles later goes like a dream -

Hi Jon,

Ignore Bilko - you've made the right colour choice :p

The only options you need to worry about right now are the factory ones. If you are going to take it off road regularly, you might wish to consider the low first gear. The other options you've specified seem reasonable - leave the rest (there will be a long list :D) until you've used it for a while - then you can join the rest of us buying lights, seats, screens etc etc

Engine Bars...

As you don't mention them I assume they are standard on UK spec bikes, if they're not get some, from my recent small experience they're worth every penny:)

The Adv is taller and heavier, but I only noticed that at a standstill especially on slimy or gravel roads, after 13000 kms and 5 months I can say it just keeps getting better... I also like the looks of my Adventure, in silver:cool:

My tip would be to Buy, Try and then start buying the extra's that are relevant to your needs and wants;)

JON.... re GSA I ride a 1150GS, and have had it for a few years, my suggestion as Mike O and the Monk said, is to get the factory options you dont want to live without, base that on your wildest fantasy of the bikes use. ie. if you are never going to do dirt/off road/greenlanes, some bits are less usefull, however retrofitting will be an option.
As far as the crashbars are concerned, I dont have them, but should, and will when I get my next bike, an Adventure, they do help.
Consider, and ask around, there are some which do not get in the way when serviceing th bike, as others have to be removed for service, somay add cost .
Get the bike and then set about making it your own....
IMHO the heated grips & engine bars are absolutely essential, especially the bars. I was astounded when I 'laid mine down' after only a few weeks, on a stony track, only to find that the only damage was a scratched hand guard, replaced for a grand total of about £11.
By the way - black is best :D (although to be fair, if/when I order my replacement, I think I'd go for aluminium, if only so I didn't have to polish the tank!)


I believe the large tank is a standard fitment for 2004 Adventures. The BMW bars are listed as a factory fit option at £195, but it might be worth getting the Hepco and Becker bars as they wrap around the cylinders and offer superior protection in that area. They are in the region of £110 from Motorworks. The heated grips are a good idea. ABS is about a £750 option, heated grips are £175. List price is £8595 so those two options will bring it up to £9520.

The only addition (which has already been mentioned) are the engine protection bars. Like crvfr I managed to lay my GSA down. This was due to a combination of weight, height and petrol spillage - happened at a filling station. The only damage was a slight scratch to the bars and a small scuff to the rocker cover protector as the bike swivelled on it's axis when I tried to pick it up. I dread to think of the damage without the bars.

I know some forum members are against bars but I am certainly gald I purchased mine.

On another plus point certainly recommend heated grips. Nice and warm - sometimes too warm on level 2.

Heated Grips

Must say, back in Sa, very rarely used my heaters, but here , over winter were on setting 1 mostly, became aware of them at times when I realised my hands should be cold, :D
A few tomes this winter also had them on "stun" on the 2nd setting, which is mostly too much for me, but still better than nothing.bnige
So, jonb, have you cancelled yet?

I'd like to take your place in the 1200 queue if you don't mind! Who would I need to talk to get "your" bike?
Hi Ken

The spec I`ve got ordered on the 1200 is:

Blue with grey panels and seat,heated grips,cross spoked.
Should be here in may
Is that any good to you?

I`ve just talked to my dealer ,he said to give him a call.

I can post the details here if you like,or you can get me on if you`d rather not risk the chance of someone else nickin the slot!(I tried to PM you but couldn`t for soom reason)


No :ukgser sponsorship, no PM, no advertising, generally a lot less fun, bit like riding a moped, it's a bike, but not the same.
Black bike....i like shiney
Big tank....can you get small
Black engine....looks cool
Crash never know
ABS....same as above
Heated grips.....i hate thick winter gloves
Low black seat....short arse
Enduro gearbox....pop pop wheelies

Just my choice :)
i thought all the late 2003/4 adv's came with black engine, big tank, heated grips and engine bars?
I think you're right schnauzer......with ther silver engine a no cost option.......go for that 'cos apparently the black engine's a git to keep clean.

Just to be slightly different from the above, I'll say what NOT to get......DONT get the OE Fog lights fitted.....they're fragile and stupidly priced (search for lights here and you'dd have more options than you could shake the very famous stick at) .....

DONT get panniers from BMW......they're overpriced, too wide, unspeccable to exactly how you want them and although the look rufty tufty, the lids fall off :rolleyes: .....Rumour has it there's a hobbit in deepest Worcestershire who beats metal from a elf mine into wondrous might want to look for him on this forum.......Verno Hairyfoot be his name.

If i could re-order my adv now the only difference i'd make is the lower 1st gear.......thew standard isn't problem but i do ride around London a lot and for slow filtering/queue work, I'd get the low 1st.

DONT get the black one either.......they're definately slower and their owners tend to inhabit :ymca bars :p

Lastly...DONT hang about......just go and get one as fast as you won't regret it.:beerjug:
Thanks for that advice guys,very helpfull.
It seems beggers can`t be choosers though,I gave the above wish list to my dealer yesterday to see if he could find one in a dealers somewhere for me.The other option would be to get a factory order and wait another 12 weeks,that would be after the longest day of summer! having ordered my 1200gs back in August I couldnt take another long wait,theres some riding to be done!
Anyway,spoke to him today,he`s got me just what i`am after,with the exception of its got the standard GS gearbox with the 6th overdrive gear.I was keen to get the lower 1st as I`ll be throwing it up some messy tracks when i get the chance.I did like the overdrive though when i tried the standard gs,i thought it really cut down on the vibrations whilst cruising.
Is there a noticable difference in the shorter 1st gear and standard? I often found with the XR400 that 2nd would be best for mud anyway,to cut down the torque?
Schnauzer & Fanum,I`d be interested to know for sure if the engine bars and heated grips are meant to be standard,as from the price I`ve been quoted,around £9,700, it looks like they`ve been added to the cost along with the ABS???The bmw uk site wont let me see the colours and equipment page,anyone else having that problem?
It should be here in about 10 days,can`t wait!.looking forward to meeting some of you chaps out on the trail.
Just need to get shut of my ZX6R now, quick,I`am sure there`s plenty of mugs out there who`ll want it though
Will do mate,I`am from Bamford originaly,now I`am stuck in Chesterfield,Tha noz,duck
I might be able to help you :).

SPC are currently looking for an Adventure for me with the low first gear, ABS & heated grips. If they find one, and if I buy your 1200 instead, then I'll putr you in touch with them :).:cool:
SIXTH GEAR AN OVERDRIVE ON THE GS.....I think you need to check this one out as last time I checked on the availability list all of them had the ADV sixth which is a normal one and NOT overdrive.

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