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Jan 6, 2002
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Middel'Prut'. Denmark
Is there anyone on the list with experience of Hagon Shocks on an 1100GS or 1150.

Just looking at all the options and I have plenty of comments on Ohlins and WP.

Technoflex may be another option ; however they were more than Ohlins.

Mike.:smokeboun :smokeboun
Mike, if I were you [which thank god I'm not ;-)))] I wouldn't mess around with the cheaper end of the market. You get what you pay for. Man with your money should just splash out on the Ohlins. You won't regret it IMHO.
I don't have any exp. with Hagon, only with WP (100GS, 100GSPS,1100GS,1150GS) and Technoflex (NX650).

They're more expensive then Ohlins, but a big diffirence is that
they are custom built.
imho It's worth the cost and time to visit Technoflex (which is in my neighbourhood) and have your shock built for your weight/bike use....
Hi, I have just bought and fitted a Hagon to my R80, these shocks are hand assembled (and Iwould guess that Ohlins claim to be hand made is just assembly aswell,) they are rebuildable and are guaranteed for two years. The damper adjust ment is for compression and rebound but they are not adjustable seperatly. I am off to Capetown from UK two up on my bike and I recon the Hagon has as much chance of making it as an Ohlins at an extra £160.00. The bikes handleing is already much improved over the Sebac fitted when I bought the bike.:beer:

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