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May 31, 2002
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Dereham, Norfolk, today...
26th May

I wake to a glorious morning – hardly a cloud in the sky and a heat haze already forming on the horizon…

I pack the bike and I’m fuelled and on the road for 1000. I stop for brunch at a small cantina in Ridgecrest…


…and have huevos rancheros – with a chilli sauce which I can still taste whilst typing this, despite brushing my teeth twice :D. Opposite the café is a junkyard which I think I could spend at least a week rooting around in…


I’m heading off towards Death Valley. The minor roads to get there have interesting road surfaces, probably as a result of being under water now & again…


It’s hot today (I later check on the TV and find that Death Valley recorded 91º F today. As I ride towards Trona, I see a USMC F18 flying very low – I give him an expansive wave and, to my surprise and delight, get a ‘wing waggle’ in return – I’ll take back a few of the things I’ve said about Marines :D


I’m soon entering Death Valley National Park…


As I ride through the Park (a ridiculous name for this God forsaken area), I come across a gas station – where Jerry (left) and Mike are filling up.


Mike rides an Adv (they were, presumably, out of stock of the best colour when he bought his black one) and Jerry rides an RT. They’re headed in the other direction from me. They very kindly fill my CamelBack up with some ice they’ve just bought - I give them a couple of cards and tell them about ADVrider – neither of them had heard of the site :confused:

I continue down into the Valley – down being the operative word…


…I’m well below sea level here – and it’s very warm…

I climb back out of the Valley and cross the state line into Nevada, where I stop in the town of Pahrump – named after the first settlers reaction to Mexican food…


It’s been a hot ride and I am glad of a warm shower and the air con at the Best Western – another good day :thumb


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