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Apr 26, 2004
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North Wales
Has anyone fitted the TT Hand gaurds.. are they the same as acrebis ones? and with the extenda bits fitted.. do they give as much weather /wind protection, and do they work.. ie are they tougher?

Had a near drop recently, and now considering them..

Nice to see you back Rocks. Missed your enquiring mind.

Arh missed it all i did..

Yup, back again.. been told the acrebis ones are the same. Almost bent one of my hand gaurd on the garage door putting fully fuelled bike away.. realised how not so strong they are.. looking at stronger ones now.
Re: Arh missed it all i did..

rocks said:
.. realised how not so strong they are.. looking at stronger ones now.

you dont want them to strong, the bars will bend instead .

Arh they missed me..

Eh.. Steptoe.. are you fishing again?? or you being serious.?
I know if i put her down at speed.. well there aint much hope.. looking for protection from slow speed drops and whilst squeezing big bike into tight garage entrance..
TT ones are the same as one of the Acerbis models, but Acerbis do another which has a reinforcement of metal behind the brushguard, more protection for your pinkies but will scuff just as well/easily on your garage wall.

They lack the extra bit of protection underneath that the MBW ones have so your hands will get colder/wetter. Butter the improved ventilation in Summer is good.
BMW handguards are much better for UK use. Better weather protection, easier to fit and probably more robust. I have used TT hand guards for 44000 miles and was disappointed by how little wind protection they offered. Althougt 8000 miles in australia over their summer I am glad I had TT ones fitted.

BMW ones fitted on my current 1150GS and they are a revelation (althought it is annoying how they fill up with water while parked).

IMO the BMW guards are much thicker and more likley to survive a fall, the TT ones seem more flimsy and brittle.
The TT are Acerbis with the extenders included. I'm pleased with mine, especially the option to remove the spoilers in summer to increase airflow to the handlebars without losing protection.
On this note

I have a set of TT h/guard spoilers brand new for FREE if someone wants to pay the postage.

Supplied in error by TT I have the Beemer guards and these wont fit. Kept 'em in case anyone might want them.

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