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I,ve seen a couple of GS's with very neat handlebar crossbrace bags. I've visited quite a few accessory sites with no success finding one. Can anyone tell me where to buy one, one of those I saw had a Toureg logo on it....can't find this brand name on the big accessory sites!
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The bags in question are from Hein Gericke and I am guesing that you saw them on our bikes at the BMF. They are a miracle and hold all those bits thats normaly clog up pockets etc. I can fit a camera, phone, wallet, plugs, change and a neck warmer as well as a small disc lock and still have room for more.
Got mine @ Hein Gericke for £7.95. We have one here in Preston so anyone coming past to Hawes can pick one up within a mile of Jn31 on the M6. Shouldn't take you more than 10mins out of your way. ;)
I would be interested in purchasing a similiar bag. Could you please advise of an address or email contact so as I may try and get one.

Thanks Paul,

I am slowly getting the GS ready fro a run to the Dig Tree, a Place where two great Australian Explorers died.

I would also like some recomendations for a tankbag if someone would be so kind.
Handlebar bag

Zwerver said:
At Louis I found this bag:

Have had trouble finding this bag on the Louis site (having difficulty with the Dutch)

Could you help me to locate the bag?

Many thanks.


Guy, the bag in question is call "Tuareg" and came from the Heinz Gerickes catalogue/local shop. They also sell a nice magnetic/non mag. tank bag. Yosi

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