Handlebar Risers Fitting - Part 2 ?

Alex B

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Feb 5, 2002
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OK, so you lot have convinced me to go for them - so I did the deed and bought a set of risers/backs in silver for the 1150 from Motorworks (their 10% off sale was an enticement but gosh aren't they pricey - although they look very nice and the instructions are, rather usefully, exclusively in German.

Question is .............. has anyone fitted these ? Do I need to worry about rerouting cables, changing hoses or other jiggery ?

Or do they fit straight on ?

Having read Yosi's recent post about his near miss I'm minded to be a bit cautious.

Thanks chaps.

Mine fitted as straight replacements without any need to alter too much - BUT i did change my brake hose for a braided set (which was longer) at the same time. Goes without saying that should take a great deal of care to make sure that none of the cables, etc foul as a result of the mod but i didn't have any problems with mine, so doubt you will either (except possibly the brake hose). Trial is the only real way to find out the pitfalls.


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