Handling Problem !!??


Another hmmmm today (if my first wasn't enough - see 'sebring' thread).

Have noticed some wierd 'marbles' behaviour coming from the rear, causing me to nearly lose it on several corners in the last two days and for the bike to understeer and weave.

Checked for signs of a puncture and tyre pressures and all are okay.

Then got thinking about the suspension. The bike has only just done 9000 miles and would be shocked to think this is buggered, but I can't think of anything else. Wouldn't any suspension failure be very apparent?

The wheel seems securely fitted on and there is no apparent play.

Thoughts anyone?

You said 'the wheel', I trust you meant 'wheels'. Check the wheel bearings, grip the wheel at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock and try & move it on the final drive/front axle; do the same gripping them at 6 & 12. Tap the spokes with a screwdriver, or something similar, checking for a dull sound that might indicate a broken or loose spoke. I'd suggest that you visit your dealer to have the shocks checked - I got a new rear shock on my Adv under warranty - how old's the bike? (my shock failed at 20k miles, 9 months old).

Sorry if I've been teaching my granny to suck eggs, but that's what I'd try first....

u stalking me??

sorry, meant to use the technical term bearings! I can't see a problem there, Mike.

Methinks a trip to the dealers on tuesday (when they re-open!!!).:(

how long is it after you go out that the bike starts to go off? mine was good about 30 mins but all the roads are very bumpy around where i live so the shock was working hard.I fitted new shocks last week (ohlins) and can say that it's like having a new bike they are brilliant my bike also has done only 9000 miles so is this the window for the oe shocks?some have done a lot more, so unless you can find something else thats causing the problem it looks like your going to be phoning around for the best priced replacement shocks!!like many of us on this BB.Andy
It might be float on the rear drive housing bearings. It can be difficult to detect sometimes. It certainly gives the same effect as you describe. Happened to all of ours up North. Mileage varies between 10k - 25k.

The best way to check it is preferably get a mate to hold the back end of the bike up so the rear wheel is off the floor. Lie down on the floor and grip the wheel at the six oclock and twelve oclock positions and rock it to see if there is any play. I doesnt take much. It feels like the rear wheel bearings have gone, but if you think about it, the rear wheel doesnt have any bearings, as such.

Worth a try

If it's ok for the first ten minutes of your ride then feels like riding
on marbles and your ABS goes crazy when you put your rear brake on then it's Ohlins time :(

Cheers lads.

F*****G B******S!! Will give it one more look at with me Dad tomorrow morning, and prey its something innocent. But my heart says otherwise......

Now where did I put that dodgy Visa card...?
Cheers Gauloises,

that does pretty much describe the rub of it. Def more weight onto the front wheel when I had to brake on my way home and at the same time seemed to unbalance the rear of the bike.

Do I live in Narnia or is 9000m for a rear shock on this bike complete pants!?

My Old GSX750F, which was never kitted out with Suzuki's top kit, had done over 14,000m before tits rear shock was starting to go.

I feel bloody cheated!
My rear shock died at 7k :(
Did get a new shock under warranty :)
Then bought some 2nd hand Ohlins :D

I have a 67 mile old rear shock if you want to borrow it
just to make sure ;)
Cheers gauloises,

am gonna get onto South London Motorcycles tomorrow and hit 'em hard!!:whip
Maybe the tyre


Hope I'm not too late with this, but I had a problem last summer where my rear tyre had worn unevenly, and when I went into a right hand bend at a moderate speed it felt as if the bike was trying to stand itself upright. It got very unpleasant and quite worrying at times. The problem was worst at slow speeds, but the oscillations seemed to even out as the speed increased.

The uneven wear could be seen at the edge of the tyre; it may be worth checking that before going for a new shock absorber.

Iain L
Ta for that nugget.

am 95% certain its the shock, as I appear to be sitting lower to the ground now. Before I could fully extend my leg when my right foot was on the ground, but now its bent up. And the bike is gripping much more at the front end whilst the rear wnats to slide out.

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