Handling with touratech 41litre tank


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Feb 9, 2003
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Hi all,

For those with a 41litre touratech tank....whats the handling like verses standard R1150 GS once on the move?

Is it still fairly agile on the move?

Is it advisable to get up rated suspension?

41litre handling

The first time i met a roundabout with the tank full
was interesting to say the least :eek:
the bike needs a bit more encourgement to get it to turn in.
But you soon get used to it.
I used to put the front suspension up a notch, so if your shock
isn't shagged then i would'nt bother upgrading.


PS someone on this site has just got a 32 ltr ADV tank for under 200 quid :idea a much better option IMO
keep in mind that the Gazoline on the touratech tank(as welll as the ADVenture tank to a lesser extend)is carried much lower than on the typical GS tank.
as longest you don't carried all the way full the bike will handle equal if not better,,when is full is a little differnt story.

another factor that i notice is that the gas those move around a little to much,,at least that is my perseption..

If I have the money I buy one in a second,,,,I prefer it much better than the metal (steel)adventure tank.
Is there any difference in weight between the Touratech and standard metal tanks.

Anybody ever weighed them?

I only use as much gas as I think I'll need when I venture off road and having the weight of the gas lower would be a benefit.

Secondly if the plastic 41l tank is lighter, even better in my books.

Thirdly you have the option of of riding 700kms between fill ups.

And gauloises may I say that is one beauty of a GS!!!

Oh and Hi I'm new here.

One has to remember that when you do fill it up, the bike is as light as it'll ever be just prior to the refill. You know that it's there and you use a small amount of caution.

I had a 42 Lt steel tank on my previous R100CS and a 39 Litre steel tank on my R80 G/S before that, both were Ernst Hoske made in Germany. Since 1982 I've been running large tanks and wouldn't go back to standard ever again.

It goes like this:- the 1st bar disappears about 250 - 350 Klm's depending how it's ridden, that tells you that you are getting close to half empty, so I take it from there.

Fully loaded and travelling two up through sandy territory, about 500 K's is safe maximum but it should get about 580. Solo and light work 700 is pretty much tops but I once went 775 Klm's and it was still running, just.

As for weight difference I don't think that there was that much in it, remember that it is bigger, bulk, even though it's plastic, means weight.


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