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Dec 11, 2002
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Cardiff & Cornwall
Always dropping/mislaying your ignition key because you keep it on a separate ring to your immobiliser, as we should?

Surf shops sell big key rings with a loop on them big enough to fit onto your wrist when the key is not in use (or ankle if you are a surfer). The loop is made of the same stuff that wetsuits are made of so is weather proof and won't scuff the metalwork around the lock. When you are off the bike you can slip the ignition key onto your wrist for safe keeping. Marvellous, innit.

Mine is a BILLABONG one, cost £5 and is colour co-ordinated to my black/red GS: but don't feel obliged to be that sad ...:D
notadrop said:
hmmm...... nice idea, rather fancy a nice MANDARIN one now - also rather fancy wearing it round my ankle as you mentioned...but will it stretch that far when I'm on the bike???? ;)

would like to see what happens when u 'wipe out' with yer leg attached to the bike..

now that would be interesting..

There's a guy in cardiff with a BMW cruiser who lashes his left foot to the footrest with a rubber bungee thingy. Keeps dropping his bike onto the nearside, funnily enough ... the bike spends more time at the local dealership getting crash damage repairs than it does out on the road :D :D Funny old world
:D It must be a welsh thing bondage on the left foot :D

the most likely scenario is that he popped over the border from England. More border controls I say - stop anyone with bungeed legs entering the principality.

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