Happy 50th vernon

glenn g

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Feb 27, 2006
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north yorkshire
Congratulations vernon on the big 50.Hope you enjoy your hols.When you get back from the gay capital of europe:ymca you can get the beers in :beer:
No more u turns eh bud:thumb2
Happy B Day

Happy Birthday to you vernon and all you aliases,is it a saga hoilday your off on you old fecker.:rob
:blast now then vernon age is not a problem:topic sod the slippers now your in the nifty 50tis ENJOY :beerjug::clap:thumb
the return of vernon

Welcome home vern,glad you had a good holiday.do u want us to set up the sat nav :thumb2 sort out the next meeting for strensal gs,ers. at the :ymca club
stormin norm

Vernon i hope your not takin the:monkeypiz norm returning to the fold, what a result.will arth sell his pan aswell ?or will the emerald eruption :aidan put the scuppers on it:rolleyes:
Septic fanny

She wont even let him come away with the lads any more what chance has he got getting a new bike ?
The down fall of a good man :fiddle
R I P Wilfrid Brambles

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