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Mar 13, 2002
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Moira, Norn Iron
Due to the onset of even worse weather I thought I`d ask if any hardy all year riders had fitted a rear fog light?and if so what type?

tia Barry
hard men read only
Real hard men ride so fast in fog, that no-one's ever close enough to see the rear light:grndevil

Seriously, Touratech do an auxiliary LED stoplamp, which could also be wired up as a rear fog lamp.
Fog light

...get hold of some of Malky's LED cluster inserts for the indicators.
They shine brighter than the tail light and really stand out without blinding.
They are on ALL the time the lights are on, to increase driver awareness - but like magic, when the indicator is applied it still flashes orange!!? Bloody clever and I am well pleased with mine. Oh and also if your tail light bulb goes you've still got 12 little happy glowing LED's letting people know you are there!
:D :D :D
Notadrop. Glad you still like them.

Some facts for those who like numbers etc

* They completely avoid the need to drill out the reflectors and can be fitted with 2 scotch locks and a philips screw driver.

* Each indicator unit has 6 LEDs.
* Each one has a luminous intensity of out about 5,000mcd when the voltage is at 13.8V (alternator at full output).

* Other LEDs such as High LEDs output about 300mcd each.
* Standard everyday ones about 30mcd. So they are very bright.
* Or put another way the intensity for each indicator appears to be at least as bright as the rear tail lamp (5W).

I am creating a guide to leaflet combining a few pictures so may post some content if anyone is interested.
Would I be correct in thinking that u sell these? If yes how much as they sound like what i`m after.Thanks

Please add me to your list of potential customers. It sounds like good insurance to me, with Winter just around the corner.

would your modification work on the Touratech mini-indicators (the ones they supply when you fit Zega panniers)?


Are we talking 'Run 'n' lites' or 'light buddies' or are we talking someat else??
Some answers

These things sound good. What's the deal Malky ?
£45 including postage and packing for the UK. Or £45 plus £5 to fit.

That includes all the material to fit. Tools required are Cross Head screw driver from the BMW toolkit and a pair of pliers for the scotch locks.

Each unit kicks out 6*5000mcd. Which is very bright. The units locate either side of the bulb. Being this close to the bulb means you get partial if not complete washout of the red when the indicator flashes.

Photos to follow. Will be Tues 1st Oct / Wed 2nd Oct
This will show the solution built into the reflector (gives greater spread) or the stick in option 2 (2 intense clusters per indicator). This option however has a greater turn around time as you need to send me the reflectors in the post plus I need to build. Of course Option 1 is a bit more reuseable.

Are we talking 'Run 'n' lites' or 'light buddies' or are we talking someat else??
Like run n lites but in my opinion a bit better, due to intensity and location in the reflector. Also easier to get hold of and no import duty + vat to add.

would your modification work on the Touratech mini-indicators (the ones they supply when you fit Zega panniers)?
I don't think so. Having said that it may be possible to build into the reflector. I would need to see a reflector to be able to say conclusively.

Watch this space. A web page showing all may be coming this way soon.

Feedback I have had goes along the lines of
"What is that in your rear indicators. Wow that is cool. Can I have them ?"
"I like the indicators, people definitely see me better. They are brighter than the standard tail light. Infact if the tail light fails I still have two left that won't fail".
BTW : The law has no issue with these. A few serving and ex have either not commented or offered very positive feedback.
more info ...

If you click on this you will be able to see more information (incl a fitting guide) on the kit I have put together
to turn your indicators into rear tail lights.
Definitely makes you more visible.



And get a yellow visor...

If you want the best possible vision when riding in fog/darkness/murk, get a yellow visor. Arai do them - great for night time endurance racing, amongst other things. Don't know if they're available for other makes of helmet.
malky lights

Got your light kit yesterday morning . took about 30mins to fit . Looks good exactly what I was after. Many thanks.
Wide Tail

I have had these fitted as well since Princetown. Am down to your bakery from High Wycombe to stock up on goodies tomorrow [Saturday]. So you will be able to see them close up - they really are top notch gear!!:D and pretty cool:cool:
What's late?

Might just tag along (if I've fixed the central heating :mad: )


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