Has anyone get a confirmed delivery date?


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Nov 24, 2003
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I am waiting to px my 650 against a GSA, and the GSA owner is first in the queue for a 1200 here in Dublin.

The dealer (Maddocks) tell me that they cant yet say when his 1200 is being built so thus cant give me a date to swop.

Anyone been given a firm delivery date yet? Are the dealers hanging on to their launch weekend bikes or are they going to customers?

Wild speculation or facts bath welcome
I've got an approximate build date (May) and an approximate delivery date (beginning of June), but am not holding my breath on the accuracy of these.

Vines have all their pre-ordered customers in a stack with approx dates against them all. I'm 22nd in the stack if that gives you a better idea.
Methinks Maddocks are being economical with the truth...................

When the dealer places an order for a new bike, the build date shows on his computer system a few days later.....

It gives a build week, rather than a specific date.....

My dealer showed me my order on his screen, and it's slated for build week 20 (w/c 10th May) and the expected date (in the UK) week 22.

The system also shows when the bike has left production and entered the shipping phase.

Dealers then have a contact at Bracknell who can tell them precisely where a shipped bike is at any time and usually the precise date it will arrive at the dealership.

My experience of this system suggests that it's usually fairly accurate, with bikes sometimes arriving a few days earlier rather than later.....

Also, in my experience, dealers are usually shy of giving precise delivery details, as so much is beyond their control.

There is also plenty of scope for dealers to tell fairy stories as they try & sell more bikes than they have allocated to them.....relying on 'dealer swaps' to provide the extra stock. This usually works with less desirable models, but I imagine that with the new GS, as with the 1150, every dealer will already have sold his own allocation so swapping is out of the question.

My understanding is that dealers have to register the very first bike as a demo, and not sell it for 6 months.......but I've yet to see this enforced!
Thanks Tobers - helpful but depressing - I sincerely hope someone has been given a delivery date in March...

I did the deal to px in Jan....I cant wait till May!
I've paid my deposit and was given July for delivery. So that's all pie in the sky is it?
If i go for the non-ABS with wire spokes which I'm considering - well then i'm looking for end of year i guess.

Still this gives me time to ponder the error of my ways!


BTW Tobers, where does this put you regards the excellent Tobinators?

Still working!
Thanks folks

Someone tell me this cant be true - surely someone is expecting to take delivery of a new 1200 during the month of March?

Anyone out there? Who has the "first" build number?

Looking :( for getting my GSA at the moment...
I am speaking for myself of course. But down here at Ocean BMW in Plymouth I'm under the impression that some punters will be riding their 1200s off during March. After test riding and then their bikes being PDI'd etc. But that is only my impression.
It was implied here that if get my deposit in i could ride off in March - but of course no date!

Thanks Tim

Maddocks are confident that they will get their first bikes no later than the UK so I'm encoraged...

More encouragement needed though...send soothing words folks...
:) Hi repoman,

my brother and I are expecting our bikes at the beginning of April. They have a build date at start of March, so hopefully are being built as we speak. :bounce1 :tigger :bounce1
Next Week????

I was given a delivery date of 25 Mar 04 build week 11.

Today I was informed the delivery was now 19 Mar and the bike is in transit.

Perhaps the factory is working overtime to catch up on orders??
You may get good news soon!!!!!

So hope to be back on two wheels next week some time.
Anybody fancy a ride out next weekend, not if raining of course!

:D :cool:

Gerry the very pleased
Nice one Gerry

These posts are getting better and better

At this rate I'll have my GSA in the morning and my credit card bills paid off by the afternoon....
Originally told it would be mid march, however that was then put back to later in march/april. I have a confirmed early march build so hopefully :rolleyes: should here something on saturday at the open day. But then again :confused:
Ordered mine from Mill in Boldon (Sunderland) and they were all very open about delivery time. They showed me the date on the screen and mine is due on 8th April.

Obviously this is out of their hands so if there is a delay it isnt their fault...fair dues. But, each order has a build/delivery number and as Dutchman rightly says you should be able to follow the progress of the bike from build to delivery on the dealers system.

Paul, the manager of the bike department says in his experience, most bikes end up being delivered a little ahead of schedule, so fingers crossed. The guys at Mill couldnt be more helpful....well impressed. :D
REe delivery

Some lucky person's Gs his already waiting to be picked up after launch this weekend, ive already seen it sat there gleaming, i was in Jeffries on friday they have three of them, 2 mandarin, and one red, its the red one that's the customers.

I really want one now, but will just have to be patient. I hate being patient. I'm a very impatient person by nature, and start dreaming about things that I'm waiting for (sex for example :D ). Still, it gives me time to save up I suppose.

Timmy - re Tobinators, I have a 1200 design - just need to get final measurements from a real 1200, and then hope that the new bike buffets like hell so everyone will want one.
Date I have been given for bike is 25th March, build week is this one (11). Panniers and topcase might be later.
This is from Southport Superbikes. I would like to find out at the launch this Friday that mine has been brought forward and I can collect next week.

I have traded my gsa for it. I noticed they had 4 in a few weeks ago, but all gone now, so they must be still shifting them.

Let's hope not that the 12 buffets like 1150!:p
I believed that your Tobinator project was nothing short of your patient, altruistic nature and penchant for spending time in the shed:D
Hey if it does buffet like A BUGGER tho, put me down for a set!:cool:
Surely someone must get one soon..

I can't believe that nobody from this site has got delivery scheduled for MArch 12th which is the launch date....ot somehow almost seems bizare........ I get mine next week by the way:) :)
I placed my order on 28th August 03,paid a deposit in January,but the bike won`t be here till May I`am told:confused:
Re: Surely someone must get one soon..

AndyT said:
I can't believe that nobody from this site has got delivery scheduled for MArch 12th which is the launch date....ot somehow almost seems bizare........ I get mine next week by the way:) :)

Ive seen your bike in its crate.

Pete A

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