Have I got a virus?

Greg Masters

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Jun 25, 2002
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I keep getting e-mails from people that I've never heard of. They mostly have some form of attachment and they all get deleted from the preview pane.

Have I got a virus or is it all the others?


It's the peep's that send them to you that have the Virus..... don't open them and delete them off you PC, the attachment is normally in the form of a pif or scr file
And Me

Same here Greg, I seem to be being bombarded with emails from all over the place and I have never heard of them. Tried putting pressure on my ISP but they say they are inundated with complaints and there is nothing they can do about it. Lots of people trying to get me to have a longer thingy, bloody hell I have enough trouble with what I've already got. Is there somebody trying to tell me something because today I have received 6 offers of Viagra.:(
Re: And Me

gazza said:
Lots of people trying to get me to have a longer thingy, bloody hell I have enough trouble with what I've already got.

Bragging again?


Email addresses are picked up from all sorts of places, some sites have even been known to sell them!

However, yours could have been gathered from someone elses computer when it got infected.

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done other than changing your email address and not giving it to anyone!

A bit of advice is to disable the preview in Outlook as this can let the sender know that your address is valid and still active!!

I'm currently receiving 30+ spam emails a day, so if you meet a GS rider with a 10 foot appendage, huge breasts and endless spare cash, you know that I've replied to them.


I think we will all have to continue to annoy our ISP's, then move elsewhere before they do anything about it.


Norton Internet security is quite good, it attaches SPAM ALERT to the start of half of these e-mail’s.
Using Outlook Express, you can set up the rules wizard to send these straight to the deleted box.
Each day it sends about 50 e-mails to the deleted box leaving me only another 30 to delete myself..

One day I was sitting at home with nothing to do when I noticed an e-mail with a reply e-mail address.
I decided to give them the same treatment, I forwarded all the spam-mail I had to them (this was after being on holiday for a week I had over 500 junk mail’s) not content with that, I continued to do this all evening they must have had ten’s of thousands of junk e-mails that evening.

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