Have the Americans turned on SA again?


I was just wondering whether anyones noticed any drop in accuracy, fix times or signal strength since the beginning of hostilities in Iraq?

I know that during the Clinton era, Selective Availability (jitter) was turned off, with the comment that they may switch that function back on at times of national security interest.

My GPS has just gone fizz-bang, so I can't tell - but I'm interested to know if any changes have been made...

F*cked if I know. I read this announcement from the US government and I still don't know.


What I do know is that they can turn on selective availability on a regional basis instead of just worldwide.

I've been using my GPS quite extensively recently, both before & after hostilities started - can't say I've noticed any difference....

I turned left at the end of my drive yesterday then got lost - then again, this is quite normal :)
Will have to think about one of these GPS thingies!:beerjug:
Selective Availability hasn't been used since May 1 2000. Chances are if they do decide to use it I'm not planning on riding in the likely selected areas anyway.

I respectfully suggest any maps would be out of kilter with reality as of a week ago, and is changing on a minute by minute basis.
I was told that during the last Gulf War the satelites were reconfigured (moved) to give better coverage for the US military in Iraq and as a result coverage in the US was not as good. This may well be the case again with the US military giving the Iraq area the lions share of the satelite coverage, bearing in mind that GPS is used to direct weapons as well as troops on the ground and aircraft.
Spot on accuracy with waypoints from Chris Scotts Sahara book in south Morocco.

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