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Jun 13, 2002
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I am sure one of you has the aswer to this.

I am a little confused about the alignment lever behind the front panel on the 1150. There is some suggestion in the Owner's Manual that in the horizontal position it set's the height for solo riding and in the down position for 2-up. I had thought initially the down position was a "locking" one. so I had fiddled with the adjuster screw accordingly.

Any ideas gratefully received.
Hi Mark,

I haven't read the user handbook, but I use the lever as solo/pillion selector. Seems to work fine (I suppose it depends how heavy your pillion is!)

Good one Mark! I am a baffled about this as well, mainly cos for some strange reason no one will get on the back so I never carry a passenger.

Steve, what I think Mark is asking is which way is the lever position for solo riding. Is it horizontal for solo, ergo, vertical for carrying a pillion. I am not sure either. Anyone got it sussed, help please.
Whichever position brings the beam closer is the one for with a pillion. I haven't checked, but I think this is the down option.
Mark, The lever down is the lower ( pillion) position, the lever in the horizontal position is solo rider, set it for solo then when you have a load on just move it down.
Thanks guys

You've confirmed what I thought - but the manual is not clear. It's horizontal for solo and vertical for pillion. I had thought pushing the lever down (to vertical) was a type of locking mechanism but it appears to be one of those clever user-friendly characteristics (like having a knob for the rear preload).

Thanks again
sod the manual!
ride up to a wall at night and adjust to suit then try on a dark road. I stop on a horizontal stretch and adjust till i'm happy. the manual is just misleading.

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