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Can anyone recommend a brighter bulb than stock together with an on-line retailer?
Halfords do them - I put in one of their blueish-white bulbs. V.simple to replace it - took 2 mins.
demon tweeks - PIAA Extreme white....... top kit and the same electric consumption as standard so they dont fry your loom
On our recent excursion to France we found "bright white" bulbs on sale in the LeClerc hypermarche in Cherbourg. Under 6 euros for a pair.

Anyone going to Princetown can see their power by being dazzled by Dave & Val's bike.
2 hid 2 fog also replace low and high with 100w
Ari, how many miles have you had the 100 watt bulbs in for?

I am interested in doing this, but am concerned about the heat.
I'd like to know the brand of the 4 lights and where you purchased them.

I've the 100w for the last 14,000 miles
Those are Hella micro DE on a Bestrest BAR the top ones are HID driving lights the lower ones are regular fog lights also with 100w bulbs on them.
i'm thinking of going Hid on the low and high beam of the bike also.
I have the lights in two switchs, auto switch for the fogs and a micro switch for the Hids.

For the HID conversion, did you have any particular kit/retailer in mind?

I was thinking of here for mine:


but have no experience of the supplier so would like any views? They also don't list a 1200GS model yet but it can't be too different from the 1150 kit.

Their LED rear light kit looks worth a look too. Any experience of these?:confused:
how does those Xenon light perform?
I was thinking going one xenon left / fog lamp right.
should they work paired with the low or high beam ?
xenon is always better
it's light also is more "white"
(at least on my Dakar)
You are talking about converting the stock lights to HID, that's not what i've done.
I purchased 2 Hellas Micro DE HID in USA they are about $700 and i use a micro switch for on/off.
I use them on my trip to Alaska and i realised that they are way to bright (compare to, let's say the Piaas 910 they are way brighter)and i was pissing to many drivers, so when i got back i purchased 2 Hella fog lights, in USA they are about $120, and i use a Autoswitch for on/off.
I also replace the stock bulbs with some brighter bulbs 100w, but they have this bluish tint on them wich i don't like much, i'm ging to try some Philips bulbs next.
I'm also thinking to convert the stock lights with HID's like you mention the problem is that is not a lot off room in the bike to put the ballasts.(since i already have the 2 from the Hellas)
I also replace the stock 55w in the Hella fog lights with 100w, since the body on this lights are magensium they take the heat pretty well.

Hey NLS where's the picture of the Akrapovic????
Send to me i will post that, i really want to see how it looks on the 1200
ari said:
Hey NLS where's the picture of the Akrapovic????
Send to me i will post that, i really want to see how it looks on the 1200

the guy that I sent them did not post'em
give me your email
I can't even send you a PM here.Go to the ADVrider site i will sent you a PM with my email.

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