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Dec 1, 2002
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:confused: Imminent delivery of my new GS and i don't like the idea of the lights being on all the time. Does anyoneknow yet if the wiring loom is still in place and is it just a case of fitting the switch to he blank on the right hand pod (typically all BMW have done is put a blank in where the switch used to be so is the wiring still in place somewhere??:confused:
Picture 1 shows right side of handlebar with blanking plate on the left


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Picture 2 shows close-up with little blanking plate removed. The hole is very small and I certainly can't see any wires underneath. Not even sure what this blanking plate is for. From memory having seen someone else's 2002 model GS I can't remember the change from 2002 to 2003 being as simple as just fitting this little blanking plate. I think it is a whole different moulding. Could be wrong. I often am!


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Does anyone know if you can do this with the 650GS too?
headlights on!!

Thanks to mike belch for the photos - you're right mike it is the same pod as last years model, all BMW have done is produced a blank to cover up where the switch USED to be. what i need to know guys is wether the wiring is somewhere in the loom and all i need to do is buy the switch connect it at a multiplug somewhere and switch my lights on and off !!!:confused: Thanks, sherpa
Not sure about the wiring but I wanted BMW Heated Grips on my std bike so I bought the RH switch gear second hand plus the associated wiring from Motor Works.
The Second hand switch gear just plugged into the standard looms and added the missing bits and warm hands, can't see why you could not put last years switchs on this years bike to re insert the lights on/off.


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