Heated Grips of F650 Funduro


Anyone had any exprience of fitting after market heated grips on a Funduro F650 97.

I fitted some Motra Griptronic ones. However once they were on, they seem tighten up the plastic throttle sleeve so that it no longer returns when letting go of the throttle?

Any clues?


this can happen with the BWM grips aswell.
I found that loosening off and moving the switch cluster (less than 1mm) cured the problem.
Your after market grips may need more drastic action.

Good luck............
Ben - similar on mine with the standard BM heated grips -wouldn't return properly. They fitted an extra washer at the bar end (between grip and hand guard) and all is well - I had been looking for friction at the grip to switchgear end of the twist grip.
In case you're interested, in the end I had to file out the inside of the grip to increase the diameter of the hole!

Fits now... brownie points for giving SWMBO warm handies!



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