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Having found my 1150 apparently half dead this evening I was forced to attend the SE meet at the Battle Axes on my scoot - no doubt City Slicker will appraise you all in a different thread? Oh God the shame.........

When I returned, despite the Optimate now showing the battery as fully charged I still have the following (same) symptoms:-

Turn key in ignition, instrument panel heat/fuel etc illuminated and showing bars. ONE ABS (top) light flashing. No "whirr" - I believe the fuel pump priming? Press launch button - nothing!

Please help or just send money to..................:(

PS Great night chaps, enjoyed your company, I'm just not going to have another birthday after this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger, like you my bike remains plugged in to the charger. A couple of times I have noticed the charger on red when I knew all was well - I reconnected and all the light on the charger became OK. Try reconnecting etc if only to confirm that your battery is OK.

Is the bike in gear with the sidestand down?
Bike not in gear or side stand down, I haven't had chance to check the fuses yet although I dont see any in the manual that would appear to relate to these symptoms.
Fuel bars come on but I get no oil, neutral or ignition light, similar if I remember to the response if it was in gear?????

Sidestand switch

Seem to rember side stand switch could malfunction on the 1100?
Could this be the same problem. Can you find it and bypass?
If I remember correctly one of the writeups in tech section takes you to service sheets and one of them covers side stand switch bypassing? Sorry can't be more definite - meant to be working at the moment!!!;)
The sidestand switch is in series with the engine kill switch if the stand is down or the kill switch operated the RID will not come on.

IS there just the one ABS light on?
Roger mine did the same at the weekend.....no wirrrrrrrr

about to call out BME when I noticed I'd knocked the kill switch to off.

Please tell us it's the same for you so we can all have a laugh

Thanks for your advice chaps, it turned out to be a 4amp fuse after all !!!
Visual inspection looked OK but when I ran a continuity test the very last fuse in the line turned out to have gone. Nothing more sinister, I was ****ing about with the electrics earlier in the week.
Having phoned a couple of dealers they didn't come up with any ideas and all said "strange, never heard of that one" or words to that effect. However they were all keen for me to recover my bike into them.
I still think it was curious that apparently only half the ignition circuit was affected.

boxer - spot on dude, cheers
mark - there was an interesting discussion about NOT keeping your charger permanently on - I bought a 1 day per week timer to keep mine topped up
Notadrop and Martin, good suggestion but the one ABS light threw me
Wreford - been there, done that and polished the bike with the T shirt several times too often

Back on the road again......................:D
PS The finger is faster than the brain - thanks Rob - see previous message.

PPS, is a "telegraphic moment" anything to do with pole dancing?

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