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May 23, 2003
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Has anyone got any experience - good or bad, with this particular jacket.
200 quid for a goretex lined jacket - light in colour, good for heat, bad for mud, seems quite a good price.


Excellent if bought for £30 from Kelso ! I wouldn't pay full cost unless you like having the waterproof element on inside. I prefer waterproofing on outside. If in hot temps, and it rains, you have to add liner to stay dry (but sweaty). Your outer gets wet and heavy.
At £30 you take out liner in summer and put Rukka (not at all breathable mind) over top.
For 75% of UK riding it would be ideal however.
Zips aid cooling, but at 70+ it billows a lot - can't have everything.
In comparison to similar items it's very good, matchs or surpasses.
Many in club - so get consensus of replies !
Ditto Fritz - another 'happy' Gericke customer at £30.00 for Goretex jacket, plenty of armour. (Feel like I got ripped off with me kegs though - another waste of £10 for Goretex lined, armoured pants :rolleyes: )
Oh and yes, the bloody Tuareg boots - again Goretex lined at ten quid - what a bummer!!!
(Actually I was in the process of paying full price for this lot at the shop until Kelso came along - I think the gear is excellent value for money at shop price)
Yours, in wheeling and dealing,

I have the Tuareg from about 3 years ago - it's very light beige colour with leather shoulder and elbow pads. Pleanty of armour bits in the sleeves and shoulders but nothing in the back so you would need a separate back protector if that was your style.

Mine only has one external waterproof pocket - all the rest are useless so make sure you put your mobile in the right one if it's raining - I didn't :(

Gortex is in built on mine and it's good in all weathers. Extra lining for the winter which is easily removed.

On hot days it lacks any vents in the arms and due to elesticated inner cuffs your arms get bloody hot. I solved this be removing the inner cuff elastic and just using the outer velcro wrist fastening. This allows some air in the sleeves if you leave it a bit loose - much more comfy.

I have used the jacket in all weathers - rain, sleet, mud, hail ,dust, I have slept in it, spilled god knows what all over it and generally abused it and used it to destruction. I then chuck it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry and it looks bloody good .
The light colour was a bit of a worry at first but it scrubs up really well and doesn't look like an oily rag.

You could do a lot worse that one of these.
Got one

Yep I got one and have mixed feelings on it.

Mine is the Leather elbows and shoulder version with beige and black trip. I large refelctive strip right across the back and down arms. Full shoulder, elbow and back armour all included when bought.

2 arm vents and 2 tighting straps. 2 shoulder vents. Has worked in keeping me cool in the last few days.

The only problem I get is the lower neck line. The collar is not high enough and you get a lot of air through this area. In cooler weather a neck gator is required as a must. Also without gator you get the occasional fly hit, (or wasp on Saturday for me...ouch)

Feels a secure jacket even if you stand like a barn door when off the bike.

Overall had better jackets (Hein Voyager II is much better and more comfortable)

HTH, Nick
I've had one for a year and 10,000-odd miles and I really rate its versatility. For a touring holiday, for example, I reckon it's hard to beat.

As mentioned above, you can't have a cool, waterproof suit as the waterproofing is in the lining, but it is so cool when the weather is warm that I can live with that. When its seriously wet, it tends to be cooler (in Europe, anyway). I've never had a problem with billowing - just make sure you open the rear zip.

I bought the trousers as well which, in addition to looking nice and smart so your mum can be proud of you, gives another fully waterproof pocket.

I reckon it looks better when it gets a bit grubby ...

Mine is 100% waterproof with the lining in. however, it isn't as warm as a "proper" winter Jacket and trousers - I use a Richa lined jacket and trousers for really cold days.

Finally, what is all this stuff about £10 suits at Kelso?

The main drawback is the fact that the goretex liner is actually quilted so this time of year you have to boil in the jacket if it happens to be hot and raining. The BMW jackets are bettr in my oppinion if you can get them 2nd hand or at knocked off/down prices. Their liners are just goretex so you do not have to wear a quilted liner in the jacket if it rains....in the Tuareg you have to put up with the heat if you want to stay dry. I still have the pants but am getting rid of them and going for the Savanna beemer ones cos of the same reasons as above,
Thanks for the advice,

I will go and look at the Voyager jacket in Brum on Friday - unless I can work out/find out who or what Kelso is :)

I originally looked at the BMW jackets but had a justification problem with the price - ouch.


Kelso...small market town on Scots Borders, scene of last months BMF rally. They do another one later in Sept...tail end show??
Gerricke have a stand and sell off returns etc at rock bottom prices. (Yes I'm another bargin bagger)
As mentioned by Dave - at the BMF tailender they might be flogging off what's left......even cheaper..........Pay your £22 to BMF and get to Tail Ender in the hope of bargains. A whole suit (mine has one 2" miss stitch) for £45 - yes jacket and trousers !

What's the cuff adjustment like, ie can you get the sleeve over gloves easily when it's chucking down with rain?

Thanks all

Tim (the other other one)
Its a bit of a wriggle but i do itno problem. I saw Timolgra's Tuareg last year and thought it was a well thought out bit of kit and wanted a set. Being a tight yorkshireman i ummed and arred and hey presto. For a £360 suit, it must be worth the trip to the tail end show?
Failing that, what size are you? I now have a spare full suit and may be tempted to sell for a very small profit???
Thanks, but I am not interested , but I am going to buy a Voyager jacket - unless I win the lottery on Saturday - in which case I will buy the BM version.

Another clear advantage to not having the Tuareg is, you don't get confused at GS meets. At the last N E meet Jim Mc Sharry put his wallet in my pocket ! There were at least 4 jackets the same on the seat - cheers Jim ;) unfortunately he discovered his mistake before I did :rolleyes: but I've still got his biro !! :p
Me - I'm custom spraying me avitar thingy on the back of the jacket, hell, at £30 you can afford to !
fritz said:
Me - I'm custom spraying me avitar thingy on the back of the jacket, hell, at £30 you can afford to !

Who does that then?

Wor Lass has just got a Tuareg Rallye Raid? HG, its the one with Orange Shoulders and removeable arms. Seems more sturdy than my Biege(white?) Black Gortex jobbie, and waterprooffing in shell not liner, though cant see how vent sips in arms will keep heavy downpours out. I'd have one when my tuareg wears out as I cant be harrased with the gortex liner in anything but V.Cold weather, which usually means I get wet shoulders and arms through the zippers.

Iain Mac

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