Help - I need workshop/garage space in London


Grovel, beg etc....I have 101 things to do to my bike before setting off for Africa but I have no garage and can't face doing it in the road....has any kind soul got some dry cosy workshop or garage space where I can fiddle about for a few days??? Preferably somewhere within reach of Fulham.
A clean, a service, some minor repairs, fitting some Touratech goodies....nothing huge but I'm not much a of mechanic so it'll take me several days I expect.
I can give you a hand (weekend only) and the use of my fully equiped garage. I'm in Sutton. That's in Surrey.
Thanks Yosi, that's very generous. I think I'll probably go and stay with my folks for a few days - it's out of London but at least I get fed there.

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