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R1150GS Kid

Firstly I should get around to changing my user name as i bought an R1150GS last week.

Secondly, Help!

I'm supposed to be going on a trip tommorow and something I've done has messed my bike up!

I had the tank off and at a strange angle (but left the fuel hoses attached all the time) to fit my autocom.

Having put it all together again the bike wasn't very happy to start, and would barely tick over. Then when i tried to ride it, it was difficult to pull away without stalling. After much clutch slipping i was away but the bike wasn't pulling right and as you give it a large handful to try and get it to shift very little happens and then suddenly it kicks in with full power and you nearly fall off the back. This happens in all the gears at low revs, at higher revs it seems more normal but still not running smoothly.

My first thoughts were that i had crimped a fuel hose, but i hadn't. So my next thought is have i got an air block?? Otherwise maybe i accidentally knocked loose some of the wiring under the tank but i dont think this is very likely.

Any thoughts on what the problem may be and how to rectify it would be much appreciated - I'm sure its to do with my installing the autocom so must be easy to fix.



have a quick look at the cables where they go into the throttle bodies. I think you'll find one cable (probably the right) out of its sleeve. Simply replace it and it should fix the problem. If it isn't that, re-post....

...exactly right, although the throttle body doesn't always go out of focus as you replace the cable....


Thanks everyone who replied so quickly,

I can't believe that adjuster made the bike run soooo badly.

Anyway that was it so the trip's back on tommorow.

I owe everone who came up with the answer a pint!

I did exactly the same thing myself last week, visions of faulty motronic, fuel injectors , valve problems and a whole host of other things go through your mind before you check the obvious.....happy riding :)

cos we've all been there !

I fitted the techlusion then knocked out the cable,
imagine what ~i thought !
I'm another new GS-ers - bought mine last week, service now due. Can't keep off it - brilliant fun.

I haven't knocked my throttle cable out, but if I promise not to, meaning I'll never have to place a post like Andy VFR's, surely someone must owe me a pint?

However, I did wire in Optimiser fittings. How difficult can it be to get at a battery?????? My R80RT:- lift seat, remove toolkit, undo bettery terminals, remove battery. Total time - 45 seconds. My K1200RS, now gone:- see R80RT. R1150GS:- remove seat (5 secs), undo tank on RHS (15 secs), look for nut on garage floor (5 mins), look for spacer thingy (5 mins) lift tank (15 secs), find something suitably sized to prop it up (20 mins, eventually used rubber mallet) fiddle around with battery terminals (10 mins) put everything back, get front of tank into rubber thing at the front (30 mins)not forgetting to drop RHS nut again.

Do BMW have a special team of development engineers just to make simple tasks this much fun?


PS I can't find anywhere to store documents on bike (rider handbook, copy insurance certificate, etc). Am I missing somethign obvious? Where can I store a disk lock?

Optimate, you could have purchased a male connector, fit it to optimate lead and simply plug into the accessory socket.

Disc lock, I have a small case which is attached to the left side frame so its easy to get at. same case will no doubt fix onto rear rack.

Wait till you start doing the regular maintenances yourself. You'll discover how user friendly she really is. There's a lot to be said for having the cylinders stick out the side.

Buy some fuel line disconnects. The tank can then be remove in about 2min.

A small bag for the rear rack can be had [along with the disconnects] from Touratech. It's were I store my disk lock.

If your Optimiser is a battery tender, it can be plugged into the accessory socket to charge the battery.


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