Help! R1100GS Starting Problems


Dear Technical Folk,

Desperately need some help.

Flogged my 95 R1100GS to a nice guy called Mick three weeks ago. Bike had 65000 on the clock and FBMWSH and went like a good un. Mick had it for a week and it ran perfectly. Mick decided to give it a good clean down with plenty of water, etc. Started it up OK and rode it up the road into his garage. The next day he polished it and then could not start it!

I went over and had a look. On switching on the ignition the fuel pump activates. However there was no spark when doing a spark test. (We did get an intermittent weak spark).There was also no petrol on the plugs either. We hunted around for blown fuses, cut wires etc to no avail. Mick had the bike picked up by Alan Jeffries in Bradford and asked for a diagnosis. A couple of days later they came back and said it was the black box. A week later they said it was not the black box but had no idea what it could be. Enquiries to Motor Works and various other people regarding the coil were met with the response "they never go".

Has anybody out there got any ideas, please. Mick's a good sort and he's missing all this weather. Anyone in the Bradford area that could shed their wisdom and add a bit of light to a niggling problem?


If Jefferies could not find anything with the moditec computer, ask them what the moditec does NOT test and start your checking from there [start with cheapest bits ,eg coil , leads]

good luck
Handlebar switch would stop it from cranking would'nt it ??

My guess is water in something... pull all the connectors you can see and give em a squirt of WD40. when your cranking the bike over on the starter see if you can hear the injectors clicking.. or pull one of them out and see if its spraying. When you checked the spark did you hold the plug hard against the cylinder head ? might not have got a good earth therefore looked like a poor spark. (personally im a girl when in comes to spark plugs I just rest em on and if they spark a bit assume its ok :p)

anyway see if your getting fuel at the injectors.. just had to replace the fuel pump on a mates quacker..

My tuppence worth, good luck.

Side stand cut out switch

Have you tryed that yet, I'm on my fifth one now, pain in the arse things. It's mounted where the side stand pivots, just trace the wires from the switch to the conection (up by the tool tray on the l/h side) pull the conection apart, and short the two going into the harness out (join together) and hit the starter.
I lied about the fifth one, that's gone tits up as well, I've just by-passed it altogether now.
Good hunting
How long is a piece of string?

Difficult to diagnose at a distance, everyone has made good suggestions, but if it was alright before your man washed it then it really ought to be alright now. I guess you've washed it in the past so ask him how he washed it, is the new owner aware of where the air intake is; possible the air filter is soaked.

Check the HT lead resistance
Check that there is no corrosion around or on the crankshaft sensor
Has the new man dislodged a connector
Does the TPS still register a discernible voltage signal.

The computer could not diagnose the problem because of a broken wire. Jeffries traced it, plugged the bike in to the computer which said "your Hall sensor is bollocks'd". Replaced the Hall sensor and now Mick is riding to work in the rain (it was after a good dowsing of H2O that the original problem started). Wish him luck!!


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