Help requested from tossers and wombat hunters....


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Apr 26, 2003
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OK I'm sold.........I want to come out to play with the big boys too!!!!!

I'd be totally new to Off-roading but I'm big and heavy........I also don't have a trailer so I'd be riding to and from silly-sessions in the mud.......

Bearing that in mind, would anyone mind commenting on these as potential choices/Value for money etc please?

1.HONDA XR 250 R , 1991 H Reg , 11,500 miles, White. £1,250


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2.HONDA XL 250 DEGREE 250CC , 1991 H Reg , 14,545 miles, Red. £800


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3.SUZUKI DJEBEL 200 200CC , 1997 P Reg , 8,235 miles, White. £1,300


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4.YAMAHA WR 250 Z 250CC , 1993 , White. £1,400


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5.HONDA XR 400 R 400CC , 1996 N Reg , 1,664 miles, White. £2,500
(too much.........i want to keep it under two grand but it looks nice :) )

I also looked at a very clean KLM650 today but it was 2600 so again, over what i want to spend.

Any orther ideas/sources??

Thanks in advance


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oop...found another possible for consideration.......

6. YAMAHA DT 200 R - 1 200CC , 1984 A Reg , 4,156 miles, White. £750


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And there are a pair of TTR's.....
7 YAMAHA TTR 250 250CC , 1992 J Reg , 5,465 miles, White. £1,500

8. YAMAHA TTR 250 250CC , 1992 J Reg , 5,465 miles, White. £1,500

I'm about your size - the DR-Z 400 carries me well, but I'm sure that a 250 would be OK.

If nobody else says it, I will: the Honda XR400 is a bastard to start when it's hot! Buy the bike with an electric start!

You'll need some chunky off-road (but road-legal) tyres - they are not expensive (you can get a pair for about £60), but you need to price that in.



Welcome to the world of mud!

You've picked a fair selection and my humble comments would be:

Although the XR400 would be my choice, it's kick start only and being new to off roading on a dirt bike you'll want an electric start. After picking up yourself and the bike for the umpteenth time the last thing you want to do is kick start.

The XR250 is as bullet proof as the 400 (VERY!) and the imports have 'leccy start. Good power, great spares backup, rebuildable suspenders. It's a very very capable bike whilst not being scary.

The Yam TTRs are a popular import. A good one from an importer will normally start around £1900. They are very comfortable and capable but not as "tweakable" as an XR. Spares would be from Fowlers and a manual from Yam is about £30. If it is a Jap import the mileage may be nonsense. The speedo can reset itself if it's left in the container for too long. Best to have a look at a few and

Both the XR and TTR are very resellable.

Long story short:

7 YAMAHA TTR 250 250CC , 1992 J Reg , 5,465 miles, White. £1,500 - A bit pricey for the age, mileage??

8. YAMAHA TTR 250 250CC , 1992 J Reg , 5,465 miles, White. £1,500 - A bit pricey for the age, mileage??

6. YAMAHA DT 200 R - 1 200CC , 1984 A Reg , 4,156 miles, White. £750 - Dunno much about DT market

5.HONDA XR 400 R 400CC , 1996 N Reg , 1,664 miles, White. £2,500 - Pricey for age but mileage very low

4.YAMAHA WR 250 Z 250CC , 1993 , White. £1,400 - Newer WR250s are great bikes, not a bad price if mileage low but I think it's kick start only

3.SUZUKI DJEBEL 200 200CC , 1997 P Reg , 8,235 miles, White. £1,300 - Don't know much about this one

2.HONDA XL 250 DEGREE 250CC , 1991 H Reg , 14,545 miles, Red. £800 - If 'leccy start and sound - bargain

1.HONDA XR 250 R , 1991 H Reg , 11,500 miles, White. £1,250 - Not bad - check for 'leccy start.

If you're planning on wombat hunting with the usual suspects, I'm moving to Kent at the end of May and will have space on my trailer.

I hope this has been of some help and I haven't rambled on........

Ah-hum (sound of throat clearing) - If I recall correctly my XR400 started reasonably well following my recent re-starts of one sort or another the other day(s).

Mine is standard - those that are more highly tuned, the Yamaha 440s and the original DZ350 definitely are pigs to start.

Agreed an electric start is more user friendly when stopping for horses.

Surrey Wombat Hunter
Hi Fanum,

Welcome to the world of "Wombat hunting". I'll add my own comments to the thread, on the bikes you've selected:

Honda XR250 R = Early monoshock with twin carbs can be difficult to start when hot, so go for the later single-carb model. The XR250 makes a very good off-road all-rounder - light weight and perfect for trail riding and tolerable on-road, however it needs loads of revs if you need to get a move on. A fully road legal version should sport e-start and other nice bits.

Honda XL250 Degree = Grey import low seat trail bike, spoilt by soft suspension but has smooth high tech liquid-cooled engine. Ideal bike for the vertically challenged and who spends more time on-road than off.

Suzuki DJEBEL DR200 = Street legal version of the DR200 and was intended for the Japanese home market. Rear wheel tends to collapse on early models. E-start but less of a trail bike and tends to be a bit slow.

Yamaha WR 250 Z = Superb lightweight trail bike but not a four stroke so you need to mix the fuel and oil. All WR's make brilliant enduro bikes and early ones had large tanks. Most of them have been thrashed to within an inch of their lives! However with simple mechanic's they are easy to work on.

Yamaha DT 200 R = Another two stroke machine and was a grey import with alloy wheel rims. Loads of oomph make it easy to ride and a competant all-rounder, but again you need to mix the fuel and oil.

Yamaha TTR 250 = Air cooled four stroke trail bike with metal tank. Revvy motor with reasonable spread of power. Was actually a Japanese "Grey Imported" bike, but was available in the U.K. through the normal dealership channels, so parts should not be a problem. DOHC single with electric start, six (fairly close ratio) speed gearbox and disc brakes front and rear. Owners tend to be very enthusiastic about the model.

Go for electric-start, you won't be disappointed. My choice would be either the XR250 or the TTR250.

Thanks very much chaps.......certainly given me a lot to go on.......

I dropped in at the KTM place in Burgess Hill today as well but at around 5k i came away thinking i was being very silly...i want something that i can ride and laugh when i drop it, not panic and start looking for damage before i even smile so they're out :rolleyes:

All the piccies I posted came from Bat Motorcycles in Biggin Hill.....i dont know anything about them apart from they have a big shed full of bikes.....and they're i'll nip over there Friday morning and have a good moch around now i have a list of things to look for.

MH...from the dialling code that place is in/near Hook or basingstoke somewhere???

Might well take a ride over there if i get the time...but this month is totally booked and I'm an impatient bugger hehehe

If anyone happens to hear of anything suitable coming up for sale I'd appreciate hearing about it...I saw Jez's 400 but he's after 2900 odd and I'd like to keep under 2k for this , as i know full well i'll end up spending another 2-300 odd on additional kit :rolleyes:

I cocked up on that second TTR by the should have read YAMAHA TTR 250 250CC , 1993 K Reg , 4,958 miles, White. £1,750 ...but as the 1500 quid one seems pricey that's even worse perhaps.

Anyway, thanks again for the hints.....I'm itching to get something and go and bend it in the mud very soon so hopefully I'll be out and playing soon...hope you lot won't mind a plodder tagging along



Oh..and thanks for the offer MH..might well be taking you up on a slot on your trailer at some point soon..:thumb
I am suprised that the Suzuki DRZ350S does not get a mention. A great all rounder. Later ones have leccy start, they are a good trail bike and make a good comuter one too.

I have done a reasonable amount of trail riding on mine.

This weekend it gets its baptism in the world of Hare and Hound enduros, and if it (or I) hold together I will ride to work on it on Monday.

A genuine dual sport toy:D

It's just south of Hartley Witney if I remember right.

No prob on trailer space. I'm moving to Longfield and have just ordered the OS maps for the area to investigate the trails around there. See if we can get a Kent Wombat session going??

There must be some trails 'cos CCM are doing off road ride outs from West Malling.

Definately trails in Kent,

The Pilgrims way runs paralel to the M20, there are some good rides out that way, nothing too taxing. It is a popular area with London TRF guys.


Thanks for that, I've just picked up OS LR177 & 188 - Hmm, looks like it should be fun.

Bill - check out the Kent TRF group -

They have monthly runs but will prob be out most weekends or evenings.
Good stuff..thanks all...:)

I went up to BAT motorcycles and took a look at all of the ones i posted pics of but TBh they're all tatty and a bit get someting that actually looks reasonable and that i'd actually want to own the range started at around £2300.....they do have a smart Drz400 s and a few others, including this....

Honda XR 250CC, BAJA , 1995 M Reg , 33 bhp Legal, White, 10,321 miles . Good Condition, Import, Rack, Warranty, One Owner. BIG HEAD LIGHTS DIGITAL DASH £2,395


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Presumably it'd be relatively easy to de-restrict it.....and it'd need some plastic covers over the ridiculously breakable twin whopping great lights on the front, but it quite attracted me for some odd reason.

I'm going to do what you said Keith and buy the mag and settle in for a weekend's reading I think......


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