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Jul 8, 2003
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Dinky Poo in Wales
mY head is spinning , ben logged onfor yonks no pop ups or crap go on to a real player update and these frigs keep popping up in front of everthing every second how do i shift them .
they come in a window called message service.
Even when disconnected from the net the same 6 seem to be popping up. Cant find where they live , any help.

I can freeze them by parking the window at the bottom of the page and no more seem to appear.
try ad-aware. use programs update facility before using.


uninstall, or preferably don't install Real Pain in the first place. use Real Alternative. still run ad-aware.

Real Player is :GS:GS:GS:GSing shite :redlight
Real Player is ing shite

Init just , I unistalled the crap and it all went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fe3king leaving the crap off 2.

Thanks 4 the reply .

The messaging service, using a component called "Net Send", can be used to send a pop-up alert with 128 characters to either a single user, all users on a domain, or all users that have sessions with a particular server. This could allow spammers to send thousands or even hundreds of thousands of messages from a single command in a DOS shell, although Microsoft's Web site advises people to "use discretion when sending messages to multiple users".

In order to switch off the messenger service in Windows XP, Go to the Start button, click on Control Panel, Admin tools and choose Services. Then double click on Messenger and change the Start-Up type to Disabled. Finally, reboot the PC.

Here's Microshaft's release about it...
MS Link
and here's a little programme that will kill the messenger service crap off for you....

Anti message jobbie


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