Hepco & Becker Gobi Panniers


Hepco & Becker make these panniers in a polycarbonate plastic by the looks of it but I would like to know is how do they rate in relation to the Ali panniers of Touratech & Hepco's own ones. If any one has a set I can view in the London area I would be very grateful. Any photos would be a bonus. This is all I found:


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These are the ones that KTM supply with their name on and in the tests they came out as the dogs bollocks, the best panniers of any.
They have a cavity between the inside & out into which you can put 3 ltrs of water or a quantity of ice so that the contents are kept cool and you can get a drink, there is a tap on the bottom.

The tap is an extra from Hepco & Becker! I'll try KTM then, any idee what they're charging?

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