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Hi, I want to buy a Hepco-Becker top box for my 02-GS. I have looked at Eurotech's web site and they have different sizes. 30 and 45 liter. I need some advice on what size to get. Does anyone have an opinion? Do you have some pictures of your bike with one mounted? Thanks, Shelby

I was looking at replacing my BMW Aluminium luggage for the Hepco-Becker boxes and did a small amount of research resulting in not changing.

The thing which stopped me, for the moment, was the fact that the large 45 litre Hepco top box overlaps with the panniers so you cannot open the panniers with the top box in place. You would have to dismount the top box.

I spoke with the guy at Motorworks who was exceptionally open and honest about the boxes. I had the issue confirmed by Hepco-Becker themselves after an email query, which again is honest to a degree except you have to know what question to ask.

Overall the Hepco-Becker boxes (assuming you are looking at the higher priced Aluminium) are stronger than the BMW boxes and have a lining inside to protect.

Their capacity is larger than the BMW boxes and they are not as wide. Also they are deeper, which is constant irritation I have with the BMW boxes as my laptop in a strong case means you have to be very careful when you close the pannier lid in case you bust the plastic Lego hinges.

As with the BMW boxes the left and right panniers are different with the mounting bracket for the left (from the rear) slightly offset to accomodate the exhaust.

The smaller top box from Hepco-Becker offers no real increase over the BMW top box and, as with all, say you are restricted to carrying a small bag of sweeties...

It seems from other checks that I made that the boxes are very durable.

If I did not already have the BMW Panniers I would go for the Hepco-Becker boxes. But as I have already spent the £700 I will give it a miss for the moment.

Although, even after 4 months with the bike, she still looks like a Panzerkampfwagen with the BMW Panniers attached.

If capacity and strength is what you want then Touratech etc or Verns as panniers seem to be the way to go although IMHO I don't want to attach tea urns to the sides of my bikes.

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