Hit... again!


This's beginning to get a bit silly now...

I'd be interested to find out if anyone else on the BB has had as much problems leaving your bike parked (at work, supermarket, where-ever) and someone's reversed into it?

Just had one of my colleagues in to tell me he's reversed into the back of the bike, knocking it off the stand... "D'you wanna go back out and pick it up?" he askes... "You mean YOU haven't already picked it up?" I retort. Meanwhile... yes, you guessed it... battery acid! Managed to get to it in time to remove from the tank at least.

Anyway... this's the fourth time I've been hit (either bike or car) while parked up at work in the last year. It's not as if a GS is difficult to see, is it? And this's after an earlier altercation with a truck last week left me missing a pannier.

...and off I go to the B*W parts manager again...

P.S.:- Does anyone have a bright orange traffic cone I can borrow to put on the saddle? *groan*
Doh !!!

Whats damaged now ? Look on the bright side the "donkey" that knocked it down will be more careful when you give him the bill for the new remus and the new pannier he damaged:D :D :D
Steve mate this is really bad news - the only advice I can offer is don't take a lift with these idiots they are clearly lacking a labrador and a white stick!!!

Jeeze if they can't see a GS there is no hope for them, they probably wouldn't see me sitting on one :rolleyes:
Hit and Parking

I always park my bike as close to the entrance doors of the building as possible

Better for security and also less chance of drivers reversing near them with people coming and going
Cheers guys...

I COULD park over behind a shed, hidden behind a door, out of the way of everybody... but why should I hide away 'cause they can't open their eyes? Like Judge said... how can you miss the GS?!?!?

Although I have to say, I got my H-D Softtail back on the road last night, went out for a quick spin to fully charge the battery and discover an little gremlins... what a joke. Triple lights across the front, an exhaust note that drowns out a Remus can (believe me it does!) and people turning heads from about 500metres away to see what the hell the noise is approaching them... and guess what? Stoopid bloody car drivers ... 3 of them in total... still manage to pull out in front of me with a little "oh sorry mate, didn't see ya there" wave of their hand

I know my next vehicle... and it's mandarin yellow as well... a great big bloody D9 Catapiller Bulldozer... see how funny cars think I am then! *chuckle*

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