hi chaps
well back in the uk a tad ney alot earlier than expected.We got back to Tehran and well paki visa here or at the border might as well get it here off we go to the embassy" hi we would like to get our visa please" I am sorry that is not possable WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!
we have changed the rules visa no longer issued to foriegn nationals in Iran.We end up getting an interview with the consul general who finaly says that if we get a letter of introduction from the british embassey he would consider it.OK wander around to see our wonderfull bit of England in Iran and all we get is a kick in the b*****ks it is againist foreign office advise to travel to pakistan no we will not help you
stuffed! options
fly bikes and us to deli miss a great part of the trip plus lots of dosh
then fly back after 4 weeks

ride home thru the balklands

get a boat to mumbi

time and money runing out we opted for the ride back hoping for a indian summer riding thru the balklands, what we got was riding thru 3 inches of snow the plan went from Bulgria,Romamia and Hungry to Bulgria, Serbia, Hungary and home it did not warm up till germany
home far to fast.
so back in england time for new job and any thing else that comes my way
how the bikes fair well 10,000 miles the gearbox output seal went 24 hrs before we left so I dripped oil between here and middle east then fixed the seal in iran and the stripped the thread on the battery terminal bolt
Richard's bike the top cap on the fork came loose not bad for bikes which are 20 years old and have done 160,000 miles and 98,000 miles
well done, Nobby - for gettin' out there and getting some real life experience.

Glad it all went well - and with hindsight - best to keep out of Iran when all around are losing heads ??

good on yer :thumb
Welcome back, Chris !!

You should know by now that the best plan is only a good base for changes...

Give a call, lost your number...Yosi
Hi Chris, welcome back, albeit a bit early.
See you some time at Eynsford.... buy you a beer. ( maybe not next week)

was that parcel a wait and return - hoped you filled in the waiting time docket .

glad your back safe .

what no wt

hi steptoe

tossers never paid for the return let alone waiting time .
now presently working for Dmd couriers woking.I know never say never again. Any one got a great jobs out there give me a call
I'll pop in soon

cheers nobby

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