how do you hear yours ?

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I'm about to fix my sp3 onto the bike - still haven't decided a few things yet.

Ram mount from the bars or bmw / garmin mount to h'bar cross bar.
Ideal position would be above the clocks on a quick release.
I've seen the 1150 clock surround mtg plate, but i've got an 1100.

Next dilemna is how to hear it.

speakers into helmet - but how do you connect it up every time ?
helmet jack plug connected to flying lead from where ?
jacket ? bike ?

so where does the lead go if you don't use it ? it'll need storing somewhere - or qd from bike?

earpiece ? fiddly to put in and also the lead problem.

speaker ? needs to be waterproof but would it work at speed ?

bluetooth is ideal but flakey at the moment.

needs to be very quick and easy to connect / disconnect and no wires about the place getting in the way.

Also the sp3 needs to be quickly and easily removable for car use.

I can't figure out the ideal way for all of these options - how do you do yours ?
I've got a pair of very thin speakers, from Rainbow ~£25, that fit easily into my helmet. This leaves a short jack socket sticking out of the helmet that you plug a (supplied) lead between helmet and SPIII. Dead simple, quick and easy (dis)connect.........

Store the lead in a small bar bag - Hein Gericke thingy.


Into an Autocom together with the Ipod, Phone and Radio......

I use MiGSel's Bracket for the unit...:thumb and have the Wires (Power and Sound) run behind the dash, under the Tank to the Battery/ Tank Bag ( Where I have the rest of the above)..........

Apart from a glitch still to be resolved plugging the Ipod and GPS into a 'Special' Autocom Lead, all hangs together well.

But I guess you're not looking for the rest of the Kit..............?


Mine is...

a touratech mount on the handble bar cross strut. Purchased a garmin car power/audio connector, cut of the speaker/cigeratte plug, routed it from the handle bars under fuel tank, wired a 3.5mm audio socket to it, power lead to battery thru a fuse and a set of earphones. Works ok for me.




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and other end

this socket when not in use tucks under seat...and an adapter that converts mono to stereo so you hear it in both ears




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